Who is the “SC Truth Squad?”

Here’s an interesting little last-minute puzzle.

See the above video. Note that it’s an attack video against Alan Wilson, yet not approved by his runoff opponent Leighton Lord. It’s from a group calling itself the “South Carolina Truth Squad.” It’s a South Carolina classic, having a PO Box but no physical office address, Web site or any other overt presence (you know, like Alvin Greene).

If you wrack your brain, and the Web, for an answer to the question, “Why does ‘South Carolina Truth Squad’ sound so familiar?” you’ll see that it’s the name of that pro-Obama group that was the vehicle for Dick Harpootlian and others to attack the Clintons back in January 2008. I wrote about it back here. Dave Barry wrote about it, tangentially, here.

So are Dick et al. getting their licks in early, assuming Wilson will be the nominee. I doubt it, while not discounting the possibility entirely.

Meanwhile, the Wilson campaign has put out this release:

FROM: Robert Bolchez, former Republican candidate for Attorney General
Over the past 24 hours. we have called as many Republicans as possible and left a recorded message about an incredible last minute dirty trick someone has launched during the final hours of the Attorney General’s race.
A mysterious group calling itself the S.C. Truth Squad is spending over a hundred thousand dollars to pay for last minute TV ads attacking Alan Wilson.  And it’s important for Republican voters not to be deceived by these underhanded tactics.  I can assure you that those ads are either misleading or completely untrue
As you know, until last Tuesday I was a Republican candidate for Attorney General. Now that I’m no longer in the race, I have offered my full support to Alan Wilson.
Alan is now the ONLY prosecutor in the race.  He’s also a decorated combat veteran and he’s the only candidate who’s actually served as an Assistant Attorney General.  By far, Alan is best qualified for the job.
Again, please tell all your friends that the TV ads attacking Alan Wilson are NOT true.  In the race for attorney general, Alan is by far best qualified to protect our families.
I ask you to join me in supporting Alan in the runoff election tomorrow.  Thank you.
Robert Bolchoz
One assumes Robert Bolchoz was involved, even though his name is misspelled in the “from” line.

Funny thing about all this mystery — the video’s not all that out of line. One can believe an actual campaign would claim it. Sure, it goes overboard to be unfair, such as when it says “The truth is, the only notable thing in Alan Wilson’s background is being a congressman’s son.” Actually, I think his being a combat veteran is notable, even though its relevance to the post he’s seeking is questionable.

In fact, the tone is no more negative than the tone in the ad below that Wilson actually posts on his Web site.

As for substance in these ads, such as it is? Well, I think Lord’s experience running a big law firm is more relevant and impressive than young Alan’s short time as a prosecutor. For what that’s worth. (And calling his Daddy “our conservative hero Joe Wilson” is for me the biggest turnoff in either ad.)

14 thoughts on “Who is the “SC Truth Squad?”

  1. Brad

    The Truth Squad has an attorney, and I know him: Todd Kincannon, who sponsored “Pub Politics” the other night.

    Over at his law firm’s Web site is the following release:



    The South Carolina Truth Squad’s attorney and spokesman, Todd Kincannon, today released the following update regarding the Alan Wilson campaign’s attacks on the Truth Squad and the First Amendment:

    Several news organizations have inquired about the membership of the South Carolina Truth Squad. Kincannon had this to say regarding the question: “The South Carolina Truth Squad is a new political action committee formed to support genuine conservatives and to oppose the Good Ole Boy system and politics as usual through independent expenditures. Honestly, given the intimidation tactics of the Alan Wilson / Jake Knotts crew, I am not comfortable identifying any members due to the fear of personal retribution. I can confirm I’ve already been personally and professionally threatened over all this. No one should have to go through this to exercise their First Amendment rights.”

    “The Truth Squad is here to stay, and our next target is Jake Knotts himself. We will not be intimidated, and we are going to bring a new day to South Carolina.”

    The Alan Wilson campaign’s continued assault on the First Amendment and the Truth Squad will culminate today in a hearing before the South Carolina Supreme Court at 4:30.


  2. Doug Ross

    That’s why I’ve been trying to warn you, Brad, to not be surprised when these groups turn their attention to Vincent Sheheen. It’s going to get UGLY and he will have to respond. Trying to distance himself from the gutter politics will be a challenge.

  3. Kathy

    Todd Kincannon, you are delusional. My daddy didn’t literally endanger his family by being an active member of the infant SC GOP in the 1960s (rural county), so you and your libertarian buddies could destroy the party. You may get your way; however, if you do, it will be to the detriment of South Carolina.

  4. Juan Caruso

    “I think his being a combat veteran is notable, even though its relevance to the post he’s seeking is questionable.”

    In my humble opinion, Brad, no JAG officer who had not first served in actual combat would ever be responsible for decisions regarding R.O.E. or possible collateral damage.

  5. Brad

    Just had a nice phone chat with Todd. He riterated that his clients are not yet ready to be publicly identified at this time. He DID say this was the start of a broader plan to go after “RINOs.”

  6. DG

    Juan –

    About your comment about a JAG officer not seeing combat action — let me tell you this:

    When Alan was in Iraq, he was with a field artillery batallion. He led convoys through Iraq and was decorated for bravery.

    He was transferred to JAG after he returned from Iraq with the field artillery batallion.

  7. Kathryn Fenner

    People who have not served in the military, for whatever reason, may be nonetheless fully qualified to make decisions concerning it and many other things they have not experienced. Are we only going to allow women who have been pregnant to decide abortion policy?

  8. DG

    You missed the point, Kathryn. Juan was implying that Alan stretched is his military resume to say he saw enemy fire. He did not.

  9. Kathryn Fenner

    Okay, but he also says that no one who has not “served in actual combat” should be “responsible for decisions regarding R.O.E. or possible collateral damage.” I believe that that is wrong, for the reasons I stated.

  10. Juan Caruso

    “People who have not served in the military, for whatever reason, may be nonetheless fully qualified to make decisions concerning it and many other things they have not experienced.”

    Kathryn, (silly woman) your premise is absurd on its face.

    DG, you are incorrect: “Juan was implying that Alan stretched is his military resume to say he saw enemy fire.”

    Far from it, DG, Alan Wilson is (and has been) my entire family’s candidate of choice.

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