And Rob Miller’s got enough money, too

My giving Joe Wilson a hard time for his hard sell “let me make you mad enough at the Democrats that you’ll send me money” appeal, when he’s already sitting on a mint, produced a productive response.

It you’ll recall, I said I was sure that Rob Miller — who ALSO has more money than needs to be wasted on a futile congressional campaign, also as a result of the “You Lie!” incident — was doing the same thing; I just wasn’t on his mail list.

So I got this today from Brian DeRoy with the Wilson campaign:

Since you somehow aren’t getting emails from Rob, let’s be fair and point out he’s aggressively pursuing donors too.  Remember, he’s raising a ton of money from ActBlue, and the DNC.

And here’s the communication he shared with me that he said was from the Miller campaign:

Dear Supporter,
As I criss-cross the district meeting small business owners, hard-working people, and community leaders, everyone agrees that we need a plan to get people back to work.  For nearly a decade now, South Carolina’s economy has been falling behind.  Bad trade agreements shipped good, high-paying jobs overseas.  Wall Street’s greed was rewarded with a $700 billion bailout.  Our small businesses and working families got nothing.
Joe Wilson was there every step of the way– casting the deciding vote for CAFTA, voting for the bailout, and opposing unemployment benefits, health insurance, and job re-training for the constituents he abandoned for a few campaign contributions.
It’s time to send Joe’s Wall Street ways packing, and I’ve got the plan to get our economy back on track.  I’ll fight for our small businesses and our communities.  My plan includes:
·       A full-time district office employee whose primary job is helping small businesses get grants and loans,
·       A budget-neutral Hometown Tax Credit to incentivize small business hiring,
·       A permanent extension of the Research and Development Tax Credit,
·       Incentives for small businesses hiring new employees,
·       Increasing lending to small businesses,
·       Cutting red tape and bureaucracy for small businesses,
·       Creating a venture capital fund to promote innovation,
·       Expanding technical school programs, and
·       Equipping churches and other community organizations to teach workplace skills.
Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, and Joe “Wall Street” Wilson has been ignoring them for too long.  It’s time for a Congressman from Main Street who will fight for jobs in South Carolina, not Central America.  Stand and fight with me.
Semper Fi,

Yep, that’s cut from the same cloth — to some extent. And it’s got that irritating “fight” language in it that I always find so obnoxious. (And you’d think that a combat veteran like ex-Capt. Miller would know the difference between a political debate and a fight.) I have to say, though, it really doesn’t go nearly to the same extent in trying to demonize the competition. At least, not the way I look at it. What do y’all think?

Anyway, I’m fully persuaded that neither of these guys needs anybody to send him any more money.

6 thoughts on “And Rob Miller’s got enough money, too

  1. Herbie

    Where has Rob Miller ben? He wasn’t on the ballot in the primary. Or am I misunderstood in thinking he was running against You Lie! Wilson?

    -possibly out of the know voter

  2. scout

    He is running against Wilson. He wasn’t on the ballot because he had no other Democratic Challenger
    There are several races like that – didn’t appear on the primary ballot because there was only one candidate from the party, therefore no need for a primary, but they will be on the ballot in November.

  3. kc

    I already sent Mr. Miller some money (prompted by “You lie!”). Since then I haven’t heard a damn thing from him.

    I sure hope he’s campaigning more vigorously in his district.

  4. scout

    I am in Miller’s district and have not heard much either. 🙁 Wilson seems to be everywhere. He had gamecock stickers with his name on them at the parade today, for example. Is Miller articulate? I have never heard the Guy speak. I’d like to support him but I’d like to know more.

  5. Brad

    Here’s video I shot of him in 2008. I wasn’t impressed. He got a little better as the campaign wore on, but never became what you’d call a good speaker.

    As for how he’s doing now — I have no idea. I haven’t seen hide or hair of him, much less heard him, this time around. If he was at the parade, I missed him. But the Wilsons were out in force. (I didn’t actually SEE Joe, but I may have been looking the wrong way when he went by. I saw Allan, and what seemed to be a parade-within-the parade of pro-Wilson vehicles.

  6. Kathryn Fenner

    Well, I sent Rob some money, to show the rest of the world that I disapproved of Joe W. He called me a few months ago. I explained that I wasn’t in his district, or terribly well off. We chatted amiably–he’s well-spoken, but not “politician glad-handy” at all.

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