Did anybody go to Nikki’s meeting?

Since I got uninvited from the meeting at which Nikki Haley was to woo business support today, I’m wondering… Did it even happen, or did it get canceled or postponed? Who showed up? What was said? Did she make any progress against Vincent Sheheen’s Chamber support?

I drove past the Wilbur Smith building a little after noon, and about all I can report is that they certainly weren’t spilling out onto the sidewalk. But then, I wouldn’t really expect them to. It’s a big building.

Anyway, if you were one of the Elect who attended, drop me a line at brad@bradwarthen.com. I’d love to hear how it went.

3 thoughts on “Did anybody go to Nikki’s meeting?

  1. martin

    Greenville News headline this AM reported she had 2 secret meetings. This PM’s headline is “behind the scenes: Nikki Haley’s secret meetings with business leaders”. I don’t subscribe, so I can’t read their stories anymore.

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