‘Finish Him Off’: Things getting rough in the 2nd District

Whoa! Not to be outdone by the “You Lie!” guy, his opponent in the 2nd Congressional District is getting a bit overwrought in his rhetoric. I just got a fund-raising release from the Rob Miller campaign urging supporters to help “finish him off” — referring to Joe Wilson. In fact, that was the headline on the e-mail: “Finish Him Off.”

Totally aside from the implied violence of the phrase, there’s the additional problem of inaccuracy. It invokes a picture of Joe lying on the ground at death’s door awaiting the coup de grace. But near as I can tell, Mr. Wilson is poised to do what he usually does — get re-elected.

21 thoughts on “‘Finish Him Off’: Things getting rough in the 2nd District

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    Nice, correct use of “coup de grace”–it’s not the last straw; it’s putting someone out of his misery. The last word, btw, sounds like the English pronunciation of “grass”–not pronouncing the final “s” makes it chopping fat….

  2. j

    I wonder if Rep Wilson believes in “half-term abortions*” like Sarah Palin. If he did we’d be relieved of a “southern gentleman” who has no manners.

    *courtesy of Jesus’
    General, Republican Jesus blog site

  3. Kathryn Fenner

    @ j–Are you talking about “partial birth abortions” or more accurately, intact extractions?

  4. Bart

    So, just because Wilson had an outburst at an inopportune time, he should have been “partial-birth aborted”, and the same with Palin?

    Great sentiment! Just what this blog needs. Really attracts all sorts of people to visit and participate, doesn’t it Brad? And to think, Lee and Michael were considered rude and offensive. Hell, they were amateurs compared to that comment.

    “Intact extraction” is a politically correct description for one of the most heinous “legal” actions allowed by doctors to perform I can imagine. It fits well with the Nazi human experimentations that took place in death camps during WWII.

    When the body of an infant is pulled out of the womb, leaving the head inside, a doctor inserts a suction tube into the base of the skull and suctions the brain matter into a container, leaving behind a “murdered” human being, how the hell can anyone try to make it palatable by calling it an “intact extraction”?

  5. j

    Kathryn, According to “Jesus’ General” web site, it is “partial term abortion” which relates to her aborting her governorship prior to serving a full term. It’s a blog of warped humor which many of us enjoy. Hope you have a good and cool weekend.

  6. Brad

    Bart, I couldn’t agree more with you about partial-birth abortion. But I thought j was, as he/she just explained, making a reference to something else. A very, very tasteless joke, but I didn’t get the impression that violence of any sort was being suggested.

  7. Kathryn Fenner

    @Bart–They call those people “doctors” and the only reason it can be done is to save the life of the mother. Often times, the fetus would not survive otherwise, and this way at least one life is saved.

    and j–that’s sick!

  8. j

    I hope one can see the ill-mannered and calculated actions of a political hack who has shown child-like behavior related to the political positions and actions of an AK politician who can’t give rational answers to simple questions and takes hard-right reactionary, contradictory positions. If not, I’ll light a candle to St Jude. Politics is a game for many, many elected individuals. Unfortunately, many can’t see these “leaders” and their desire for power, control and greed that comes at the expense of the citizens who elected them. Humor takes a flexibility of mind. “Joe means Jobs” or is it just that Joe means a job for Joe.

    “Wilson had an outburst at an inopportune time…” do you really think an individual who has studied and practiced the law just had an outburst at an inopportune time? Did you vote for this clown?

  9. j

    Did I just see Joe’s latest TV ad correctly or was I just dreaming?


    Dog whistle! I wonder if he’s running this in the Allendale County TV market.

  10. Bart

    Well, that is one way to get around the restrictions on bad taste. Use another blog or website as a source for something tastless and vile. Just as long as it is not directly attributed to the one posting the comment.

    So, if I were to go to a racist website and use a reference from it to make a joke about the Newberry incident, it would be o.k. since I actually didn’t say it myself?

    Just asking.

  11. bud

    Does anybody have any statistics on the number of partial birth abortions? I imagine it’s probably less than 100 nationwide every year.

  12. j

    Kathryn, He really will not get the votes of the Allendale county minority (71%) which has one of the highest unemployment rates in SC. If there is a TV market it would be August, Savannah or Charleston, but I don’t think he’s going to spend his contributors’ funds on these low country areas of this district. Aiken and Lex have some of the highest employment rates while Allendale and Hampton have among the lowest number of employed. Wilson won over Rob Miller 54-46% two years ago. Bart, you still don’t get it – Have a laugh man!

    Bud has a great point as the commotion and energy spent by the anti people is dramatically out of proportion to the partial birth abortion incidence. Only about about 0.2 percent of the 1.3 million abortions believed to be performed the year 2000 according to the Alan Guttmacher Institute. I don’t think there are any reliable up to date figures. ONE is too many but do you want the Govt deciding about your life or health or your doctor? Critics please spare me on HCR. Let’s put the emphasis on required abstinence training rather than free condoms. 🙂 That’s SP thinking. You know, maybe Joe could recruit and give away econ dev incentives to a number of condom manufacturers! Wouldn’t that be a hoot. Joe means Jobs -He’s working for us!

  13. j

    Before anyone gets upset, I know that only 19% of Aiken County is in the 2nd Dist., but it’s an education – race thing. ‘Cause, he’s working for us.. not them. I don’t lie.

  14. Kathryn Fenner

    Why is ONE too many? Being one of them wimmenfolks what reads wimmen’s magazines, I have read heartbreaking stories of the mothers of young children which mothers would die without the procedure, and whose fetuses would not survive that death were nonetheless prevented, dissuaded or otherwise hindered from receiving life-saving medical care because of the politicization of the procedure.

  15. j

    Kathryn, I didn’t want to cause a seizure in “some” readers so I thought I’d be somewhat less strident. My wife is a retired medical professional and am very familiar with situations that are and were so heartbreaking. I’m not a libertarian, but those politicians who want to control mine and others life situations including our bodies and have no consciousness about nor concern for real people. They can go take a ride in a hand basket.


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