Free Times list: “Cabal That Controls Columbia”

I’m way busy on deadline for an ADCO project, but in the meantime I thought I’d give y’all something to chew on: The Free Times’ list of “The Secret Cabal That Controls Columbia: The Power Elite in the Capital City.”

First, that publication’s own disclaimer, which takes a bit of the oomph out of the pitch: “OK, first things first: We don’t really think the people on the list that follows constitute a cabal — we just needed a zippy title to get your attention.”

That said, on to the list:

  • Ben Arnold
  • Steve Benjamin
  • Sue Berkowitz
  • Marvin Chernoff
  • Bob Coble
  • Tameika Isaac Devine
  • Eric Hyman
  • Alan Kahn
  • Leon Lott
  • Darla Moore
  • Steve Morrison
  • Cathy Novinger
  • Tom Prioreschi
  • The Quinns (Richard and Rick)
  • Ed Sellers
  • Rep. James Smith
  • Ann Timberlake
  • Jean Toal
  • Don Tomlin
  • Jack Van Loan
Well, they certainly got that last one right — my good friend Jack, the Godfather of Five Points. In fact, I really feel like a connected guy reading that list, as I know all but one person on it, and most of them pretty well. With those kinds of connections, I ought to be a mover and shaker myself.

But there are some flaws here. First, not only isn’t this not a “cabal,” but in truth no one “controls” Columbia. And there seem to be omissions from the list. There’s James Smith, but not the other Hardy Boy, Joel Lourie. There’s Eric Hyman, but not Harris Pastides.

But go to the piece, read the explanations, and judge for yourself. And speak out — who is on the list who shouldn’t be, and who isn’t who should?

4 thoughts on “Free Times list: “Cabal That Controls Columbia”

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    Belinda Gergel

    Dennis Hiltner (more powerful than Jack, I think)

    Bud Ferillo

    Mike Dawson

    Durham Carter

    Katherine Bellfield

    Todd Rutherford

    Scott Linaberry

    Richard Burts

    Robert Lewis

  2. Kathryn Fenner

    Herbie–Oh, most of these people are on the good side!

    Emil Defelice (All Local Farmer’s Market)

    oh, and what’s the name of the former editorial page editor?

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