Gee, uh, thanks, Mr. Greenwich…

Since word had been flying around that Newt Gingrich, in SC for a GOP fund-raiser, had not actually endorsed Nikki Haley, he put out this hasty Tweet:

“Had a geeat meeting with nikki haleyShe is going to be a great reform governor of south carolinaI am delighted to endorse her”

The way I figure, any staffer he hired to do social media for him would be a better speller and typist than that. So I’m guessing that’s pure Newt.

9 thoughts on “Gee, uh, thanks, Mr. Greenwich…

  1. Lynn T

    All of these people are expecting Haley to support them for president in the 2012 Republican primaries. Assuming that does win the governor’s race (which isn’t the sure thing that the national media suppose it is) she can’t endorse them all. In the meantime she is doing a good job of using all of these candidates for her own purposes. I suspect the hand of experienced puppet-master Jenny Sanford at work.

  2. bud

    Brad’s front page was soooo much better than the State’s. As much as I enjoyed the USC CWS victory an interview with Ray Tanner is absolutely not something that belongs on the front page. The game victory and maybe even the parade yes, but not an interview.

  3. Brad

    OK, I’ll try to bring it back today. Just been busy lately, and I find that it’s past time to go home before I think of it…

  4. Kathryn Fenner

    YES, bud–I thought that a major interview with the admittedly admirable Ray Tanner was not front page material either. Today’s newsletter is filled with reprints from the Post and Courier! At least Brad is *supposed* to regurgitate the news gathering efforts of others.

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