Robert Ariail’s new gig!

I know y’all will all join me in congratulating the Spartanburg Herald-Journal for having the good sense to hire my great friend Robert Ariail.

As Robert says, “I think the Herald-Journal is showing a lot of faith in the future of newspapers and of editorial cartooning.” Indeed. At a time when papers are jettisoning cartoonists left and right — in fact, ALL of my cartoonist friends have been laid off over the last couple of years — this is a tremendous expression of right-thinking. It shows Spartanburg understands what newspapers are about.

Unlike me, who after 35 years of newspapering have moved on to do new things, Robert never lost faith in his desire to keep doing what he does best — what he indeed does better than practically anyone else in the world.

This is very good news.

7 thoughts on “Robert Ariail’s new gig!

  1. Brad

    Yep. And Kathryn, that’s extremely hypothetical. I will say I was recently approached about an editorial job at another nearby paper and wasn’t interested. It would take just the right situation to make me want to get back into that.

    I’ve got the blog now, and that scratches the itch pretty well.

  2. Joe Pinner

    So delighted for Robert and the readers in the Spartanburg area! As much as I love my STATE, I am still chapped at some of their lame actions in releasing many of their greatest assets! Robert Ariail rules again! In fact, always has, as recognized with international awards. Good news to learn and I thank you Brad. Joy and agape’…Joe

  3. Kathryn Fenner

    I don’t see advertising going anywhere, but the future of print news?
    AS my nephew would say, “Good call!”


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