And please, do follow me on Twitter

I sort of forgot to include one of the main points I wanted to make in my earlier post about Twitter, which is…

… if you don’t follow me on Twitter, please do. Almost 700 people do so already (I’ll probably hit that number this week).

The value of it to you, as a blog reader, is that you would get a heads-up whenever there’s something new here on the blog, as I always put the headline and link to new posts on Twitter.

And there’s a bonus: All sorts of little things, from my own Tweets to the many reTweets I share from others, that give you more of what you get here on the blog. Many of my Tweets are actually the beginnings of blog posts that I never get around to — and often, even within the stricture of 140 characters, there’s enough there to start a conversation. The conversation itself is not as convenient as on the blog, which is a reason to keep blogging. But it’s a little something extra.

Also, there are days — such as when I’m traveling, or have a lot of appointments — when I can’t get to the blog at all, and the observations and links I share on Twitter are the closest thing I can offer.

I initially started doing Twitter to promote the blog, meaning that I’ve mostly sought non-blog readers to follow me there. But I think even regular readers of this venue can get something out of it. If you try it and find that’s not the case, you can always unfollow me.

Here’s the place to click to start following. I hope to see you there.

7 thoughts on “And please, do follow me on Twitter

  1. Brad

    But see, what you just said would have fitted very nicely onto Twitter. In fact, you’d have 99 characters left to work with, even with your ellipses…

  2. Kathryn Fenner

    Uh, that was the point.

    Not much content. No depth.

    Great taste,less filing, it’s not.

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