DeMint’s idea of ‘great video’ and mine differ

A couple of days ago, I saw this Tweet from Jim DeMint:

Great new video from @RepTomPrice at the Republican Study Committee AM Aug 17th via web

Above you can see his idea of a “great… video”…

Such is the aesthetic sense of a thorough, 100 percent, ideology-saturated partisan. Me, I prefer to share with my peeps such videos as this one and these two and this one and this one and this one and this one and this one….

But that’s me. I have broad interests.

And if Reagan is what you want, personally, I much prefer the video below. See if you agree…

One thought on “DeMint’s idea of ‘great video’ and mine differ

  1. Phillip

    One of my favorite SNL political sketches; what made it so funny was that there was some element of truth to it.

    For those who listen closely to the sketch, two lines stand out for their tragicomic foreshadowing…one refers to “sending more money to Afghanistan,” and the other refers to “making a very lucrative deal with the Iraqis.” Of course, this was what we actually did in the 1980’s: funding and arming Islamic extremists, and also funding and arming Saddam Hussein.


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