Greene juggernaut could be in trouble now

Those of you — and there must be someone out there who fits this description — thought Alvin Greene was a shoo-in to unseat Jim DeMint this fall may have to re-evaluate your assessment in view of this shocker:

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Longshot U.S. Senate candidate Alvin Greene was indicted Friday on two charges, including a felony charge of showing pornography to a South Carolina college student.

A Richland County grand jury indicted Green for disseminating, procuring or promoting obscenity – a felony – as well as a misdemeanor charge of communicating obscene materials to a person without consent.

Greene, who surprised the Democratic party establishment with his primary victory, was arrested in November after authorities said he approached a student in a University of South Carolina computer lab, showed her obscene photos online, then talked about going to her dorm room.

Actually, I didn’t realize he hadn’t already been indicted. Guess I should have paid closer attention.

By the way, I saw the semi-famous Alvin Greene sign last week outside Manning on my way back from the beach. I was past it before it fully registered on me what it was. There was a little (green, of course) Greene yard sign next to it. In retrospect, I really should have turned around to go get a picture, because I sorta doubt I’m going to see many more of those.

At breakfast this morning someone wondered aloud whether there would be any confusion among voters (who we know were already pretty confused back during the primary) between Greene and the Green Party candidate.

That caused me to wonder: I wonder which of them would be harmed more by that confusion?

6 thoughts on “Greene juggernaut could be in trouble now

  1. Brad

    A friend points out that the news has already reached NPR.

    Can Jon Stewart be far behind?

    You know, I was chatting with an economic developer — someone who works hard to increase our opportunities — who tries so hard to tell the world about the GOOD things about our community and state.

    And stuff like this — and the Nikki Haley allegations, and the Mark Sanford confessions, and the Joe Wilson outbursts — just so easily undermine his best efforts.

  2. SusanG

    I saw my first Alvin Greene for Senate bumper sticker on a car at my son’s school last night.

  3. martin

    Alvin must be campaigning. Saw a sign outside St. Stephen today that wasn’t there a week ago. It was of the green printed yard sign variety.

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