Virtual Front Page, Monday, August 9, 2010

Just to let y’all know I’m actually back, even though, these being the Dog Days, there is very little substantive news (and why is this so late today? well, I had it about halfway done when we lost Internet service at the office, so I’m finishing it at home):

  1. U.S., BP Near Deal on Fund (WSJ) — But you know, if they do have trouble figuring out what to do with the $20 billion, I’ll be glad to help. Would a 5 percent commission for my services be fair?
  2. Making Good on Pledge, Gates Outlines Military Cuts (NYT) — Fewer guys with stars on their epaulets is one part of the plan.
  3. Man robs Cayce bank ( — Not the sort of thing I’d usually put on a front page, but it did actually happen right here in our community this afternoon. So it gets extra points for immediacy.
  4. As Kagan Joins, Federal Courts’ Roles Rise In Importance (NPR) — A nice step-back, thumb-sucker kind of a story for a slow news day.
  5. Ethics committee outlines charges against Rep. Waters (WashPost) — Another weak candidate on a better news day, but today it makes my front.
  6. Charles Taylor ‘gave Naomi Campbell diamonds’ (BBC) — Early today, I saw an NYT headline saying “Testimony by Model at War Crimes Trial Is Challenged.” I thought it was some sort of new historical revelation regarding German Field Marshal Otto Moritz Walter Model. When I found out what it was really about, all I could say (on Twitter) was “Looks like I didn’t miss much real news last week….” And now, underlining just how slow things are around the world, this is actually the lede story on the BBC!

5 thoughts on “Virtual Front Page, Monday, August 9, 2010

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    Re: Naomi Campbell and Diamonds–you do realize that we are talking “blood” diamonds, and all that goes along with them?

    Plus Naomi Campbell defines “crazy”?

  2. Brad

    Yep. Got it. Saw the movie. But that’s not why it’s getting coverage. It’s being covered because celebs are involved.

  3. Kathryn Fenner

    Sure, b/c few would pay attention otherwise. It’s still an important issue…and far more important than many other celebrity driven bits–like who are the Kardashians and why do I see so much about them…

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