Where could we go but up? We ARE the acorn!

“Who could grow more than me?… Talk about massive potential for growth… I am the little acorn that becomes the oak!”
— Bill Murray as John Winger in “Stripes,” trying to stop his fed-up girlfriend from leaving him
Thought I might share with you this bit of good news from Mike Fitts’ publication:

Business Facilities magazine has given South Carolina a series of high rankings for its business environment, including being named No. 1 for economic growth potential.

The state also was ranked No. 3 nationally for auto manufacturing and No. 4 for best business climate.

In its coverage, the publication cites the coming of Boeing’s second 787 assembly line in North Charleston as the primary reason South Carolina was top in growth potential.

“We believe the selection of North Charleston as the manufacturing site for Boeing’s best-selling commercial jet cements South Carolina’s status as a top-tier aerospace player, providing the basis for tremendous growth potential in coming years,” the magazine wrote.

Three other Southern states ranked right behind South Carolina on growth potential: Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina…

After all, the way things have been going for us in SC in recent years, where could we go but up? We are that tiny acorn!

5 thoughts on “Where could we go but up? We ARE the acorn!

  1. Karen McLeod

    I don’t think that asking “Where could we go but up?” is a good question to ask when it’s likely that Ms. Haley will be our next gov.

  2. Kathryn Fenner

    I still want to know about this red tape she wants to eliminate.

    I get right annoyed at the huge lumpy terms politicians use– shrink “government,” cut “red tape,” eliminate “waste.”

    I want specifics, well thought-through suggestions, please. Procrustean solutions are cruel and inefficient.


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