Anyone know what this Wilson “ethics” thing is?

I haven’t written anything about the supposed ethics investigation of Joe Wilson because I don’t have the slightest clue what it is supposedly about. Neither the MSM nor the campaigns themselves have been particularly helpful on this point.

For instance, this release I just got from Rob Miller:

Dear Brad,

By now, I’m sure you have all heard the news.  Congressman Wilson is under investigation for breaking Congressional ethics rules.  Joe would have you believe that this is about some “glorified shot glasses” that he bought on one of his many taxpayer-funded junkets.  You and I both know that you don’t get investigated over $12 in trinkets.

Joe Wilson knows that, too– it’s why his staff won’t stop talking about $2 goblets, but won’t say if those are the limit of the investigation.

I believe in the iceberg rule.  The corruption we see in Washington is only 10% of the problem; the rest is hidden away, protecting the insiders, because if the public knew what was going on, they wouldn’t stand for it.  Joe Wilson was willing to steal $12 from taxpayers in public.  What is he willing to do in private?  Pocketing any amount of taxpayer money is not only wrong, it’s illegal.

From raising his own pay five times, to giving away hundreds of billions of dollars to Wall Street, to voting against South Carolina teachers and jobs, to being investigated for breaking the public trust, Joe Wilson is everything wrong with Washington today.  We deserve better.  Stand with me and fight for it.

Semper Fi,

… which as you see doesn’t indicate one way or the other what is allegedly going on. It merely insinuates, and lamely. Personally, when I see the tip of an iceberg I at least know, by implication, what lies below. I have no such helpful clues here.

Mr. Wilson himself is no more helpful, merely sending out such nonsense as the following:

Dear Subscriber,

Public disapproval with the liberal establishment in Washington is at an all time high. Folks have become aware that the path of smaller government and Reagan conservatism will lead us out of this dark era of liberal recklessness. This sentiment is felt all across the country, and people in South Carolina are demanding that their legislators respond with conservative solutions.While many representatives are hiding under their desks in fear of the public outrage, Congressman Joe Wilson is out touring the state to help cultivate this rich environment for change and reform. He is meeting with the real economic experts in this state – workers and small business owners.

On the “Joe Means Jobs” bus tour, folks in every corner of the state are talking with Joe and telling him how much they want the era of Big Government to end. Joe strongly agrees with this demand and is under attack from the liberals in Washington because of it. Nancy Pelosi and her liberal friends are funneling money into South Carolina’s liberal campaigns, in an effort to oust honest conservatives like Joe Wilson from office.

It is a long uphill battle that Joe must fight until November, but he is not backing down from Nancy Pelosi’s intimidation tactics. It is imperative that Joe stay out on the campaign trail to help spread the word about what liberals in Washington and even here in South Carolina are doing to bankrupt this state and country.  And to let folks know what he is going to do about it.

Click here to watch a video of Joe while on his bus tour!

Will you stand with Joe today and help him defeat the liberals in Washington? It is obvious that they desperately want Joe gone, since they specifically targeted him with their opposition money.

Please help Joe by clicking here to make a donation today!

I don’t know about you, but “It’s Nancy Pelosi’s fault” doesn’t help me any more than when the Dems moan about everything being Bush’s fault. Just another sad attempt at misdirection. In fact, he doesn’t even mention the charges in this particular piece, merely alluding darkly to “Nancy Pelosi’s intimidation tactics.” Sigh.

Has anyone read anything that I’ve missed that would shed a light? If so, please share…

5 thoughts on “Anyone know what this Wilson “ethics” thing is?

  1. bud

    Nancy Pelosi and her liberal friends are funneling money into South Carolina’s liberal campaigns, in an effort to oust honest conservatives like Joe Wilson from office.
    – “You Lie”

    Seriously, does anyone really believe there are “liberal campaigns” in South Carolina? Come on “You Lie” at least give the people a tad of credit. Except for Mr. Clyburn there isn’t even a moderate running for anything in South Carolina, let alone a liberal. Just look at Mr. Miller and Mr. Sheheen’s talking points. Pretty conservative stuff to me. This is all about scare tactics. My question is why bother?

  2. j

    Brad, thanks for the comparative releases and your comments. I just say that $12 – no way, not on your asset. It’s more than that, but the house ethics committee doesn’t say. There are Repubs and Demos involved in the charges before the committee.

    Cut the pork Joe! It’s all baloney on your part. You lie!

  3. Brad

    One working journalist in the MSM, apparently not wanting to appear so flip in this venue, Tweeted me that “For one thing, it’s about a guy who hands out really weird gifts.”

    Definitely. I can see the inscription now (if he weren’t too cheap for an inscription): “In appreciation for your selfless service, here is a glorified shot glass. From Afghanistan. Cost me less than $2. Enjoy.”

  4. kc

    Well, if you read the article in The State yesterday, you would know that Wilson’s spokesperson refused to say if anything other than the 12 glasses (for our brave troops! Why does Nancy Pelosi not want our troops to have drinking glasses?) was under investigation.

    Which suggests to me that there is something other than 12 glasses being investigated.

  5. Juan Caruso

    Joe Wilson knew what he would be in for when he crossed the R.I.N.O. line with his “You lie!” comment.

    Lawyer-politicians are allowed to be Dems and R.I.N.O.s. They are expected by the lawyer-political complex to have a weak conservative stripe, if any.

    Once the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct convenes (7 lawyers, 3 non-lawyers) to end the careers of junketeers like Joe and only a few of his colleagues, the public ought to wonder whether the Committee is used more to enforce
    professional allegiances or actual congressional conduct.

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