Candidate seeks Anton Gunn nomination

I don’t know who else might have also filed for this, and I don’t know what to think of this person, but since the release just came in, I thought I’d share it with you:

Local businesswoman seeks to fill seat
vacated by Rep. Anton Gunn
COLUMBIA, SC – Mia Butler, a business owner and entrepreneur with two decades of public and private sector experience in South Carolina announced late today that she has officially filed to become a candidate for the District 79 vacancy left open by Democratic Representative Anton Gunn.

Butler said she wants to use her business experience to bring a strong voice for job-creation and economic development to the State House. She also vowed to continue the example set by Representative Gunn to bring rational and effective leadership, focused on bringing both sides together to help address South Carolina’s challenges. “As a strong business woman with government experience, I know what it takes to streamline a budget and resolve issues that individuals and small business owners are facing. I have demonstrated it in my business for 8 years. You can’t have success in business without working with people to address their problems, effectively and efficiently. We need a strong leader who is focused on getting things done,” said Butler.

“I have lived in this district for the last 13 years. I’m raising my family here and I’m seeing the changes that are happening in our community. We need a leader who understands those changes and can make an immediate impact at the State House. I have the experience and the commitment to stand up for what’s right for our district and our state. I want to be an independent voice for our district,” stated Butler.

As the Principal of the corporate communications firm, McLeod Butler Communications, Butler has been a tireless advocate for small businesses, public education, crime victims, public safety and higher education institutions over the last decade. Butler’s professional experience includes launching and directing a statewide program for former South Carolina Attorney General Charlie Condon, receiving a gubernatorial appointment to direct one of the largest programs within the South Carolina Governor’s Office of Executive Policies & Programs under former Governor Jim Hodges and serving on the Board of Directors of the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, where she is an active member of the Chamber’s Small Business and Communications committees, as well as its Excellence in Education Council.

Business and political leaders praised Butler’s candidacy for the State House.  Former Governor Jim Hodges said, “Mia Butler was a key member of the leadership team in my administration.  She’s intelligent, hard working and has great ideas about job creation and educational improvement.  I strongly support her candidacy for the Democratic nomination in House District 79.”

“From improving education, to passing comprehensive tax reform and creating jobs, we face many challenges in South Carolina.” Butler said. “We can meet those challenges, but it will require a leader who can hit the ground running and advocate on behalf of small businesses to spur economic growth opportunities. I know I can bring that to the State House.”

“I believe that Mia Butler will be a great Representative for Kershaw and Richland counties. She has demonstrated her leadership skills in business and she has a clear vision for improving our state,” said Steve Benjamin, Mayor of Columbia. “Mia believes in the South Carolina values of faith, hard work, community involvement, and independence.”
Mia Butler is married to Tracy Garrick. They, along with sons, Brian “BJ” and Cameron Butler reside in Lake Carolina.

So if Hodges is supporting her, does that mean she’s anointed? I don’t know. Not necessarily. More as I do know…

Remember, the Democrat who replaces Rep. Gunn faces Sheri Few in November.

4 thoughts on “Candidate seeks Anton Gunn nomination

  1. Boyd Summers

    Three candidates have filed for seat. Primary scheduled for Sept 21.
    Beverly Frierson- Lives in Richland
    Mia Butler- Lives in Richland
    Todd Wood- Lives in Kershaw

  2. Brad

    Thanks for the info, Boyd. Mr. Boyd Summers, ladies and gentlemen — sharp dresser, and chairman of the Richland County Democratic Party.

    I had looked at to see if there were any candidates I had missed, but didn’t find anything, so I just went with what I had. I figured I’d hear from someone about anyone I left out. And I did.

  3. Barry

    I live in that district. I’ll have to check out Mia Butler a little more closely.

    I was a Bill Cotty fan. I can’t vote for Ms. Few – even though I like her personally. She’s got the voucher thing in her back pocket and I can’t support that.

    I know who Todd Wood is – but his personality is as ho hum as ho hum gets.


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