Fair or unfair? You be the judge

Y’all know I’m not overly enamored of TV “news” to begin with, so when a friend brought this to my attention, saying “Wow, very biased article…,” I sort of had a ho-hum response.

Is it simplistic? Yes. Superficial? Certainly. Irritating? Absolutely.

But biased? Well, obviously my friend was saying it was biased against John Spratt, so I get it to that extent. But almost anything that is simplistic and superficial is less likely to favor a thoughtful guy like Spratt. He’s not a bumper-sticker kind of guy. Throw in that infinitely irritating populist tinge (letting man-on-the-street interviews set the direction and tone of reporting, for instance) that is typical of TV “news,” and you have something far more likely to favor a TEA Party-style candidate than a Spratt.

So biased? Yeah, I guess. But the bias is sort of built-in, not intentional…

See what y’all think.

By the way, here’s the written report to which that kid refers on-air. An excerpt:

LAKE WYLIE, SC (WBTV) – Democratic incumbent John Spratt banned any video recording of the debate Tuesday night, but changed his mind when no media attended. However a member of a conservative group snuck a video camera into the room.

[Watch the videos on the right side of this screen]

It was the first debate for the two candidates in South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District.

Spratt and Republican Mick Mulvaney debated at the country club in Lake Wylie’s River Hills neighborhood.  The debate was sponsored by the River Hills Lions Club.

Spratt has represented the 5th District since 1982, but finds himself in the fight of his life against Mulvaney.

During the debate Mulvaney criticized Spratt, saying he’s not voting the way his district wants him to.

Mulvaney pointed out Spratt’s votes for President Obama’s health care bill and his stimulus plan.  Mulvaney says Spratt used to be more moderate but now is going along with whatever the national Democratic party wants.

“There was a time he would have stood up and said no to what’s happening in Washington,” Mulvaney said.  “Those times have changed and that’s why I think it’s time for a new congressman in Washington.”

Spratt said he always votes the way he thinks is best for the district…

One thought on “Fair or unfair? You be the judge

  1. Doug Ross

    The media should be forthcoming on the real reason why Spratt doesn’t want cameras. They know what the reason is – it has been openly discussed in many political blogs.

    The SC media likes to “play nice” with older politicians who may be experiencing declining physical skills. Strom Thurmond was a perfect example.

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