Here’s hoping Vincent has better luck than Alex did with HIS gun ad

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Moment of Zen – Alex Sanders Ad
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It took me a few minutes, but I managed to dig up a clip of the Alex Sanders ad from 2002 in which he and Zoe were shown blasting away with their shotguns.

If you’ll recall, Alex had to yank the ad down pretty quick when the news filled with “the Beltway sniper” that October.

At least, he thought he had to, and did. When you think about it, there shouldn’t have been a problem. Snipers don’t use shotguns, after all.

But I guess that in South Carolina, home of Democratic Senate nominee Alvin Greene, you can’t really give voters that much credit…

It was bad luck for Alex. It was like the election gods just weren’t going to let a Democrat portray himself (even accurately, as in this case) as a gun lover.

Anyway, I hope Vincent Sheheen fares better with his ad than Alex did.