Howard Dean’s Scream will now be forgotten

For one thing, ex. Gov. Dean is really a pretty calm, well-behaved guy most of the time. At least, that’s the way he impressed me both times he came in to see our editorial board. The Scream, in his case, was but a momentary aberration.

But not so with this guy.

The first thing I thought as I watched the above clip was, “Everybody who sees this will forget about ol’ Howard’s indiscretion.” The second was, “This makes all of our candidates here in SC look good. Even Alvin Greene, who only howls when provoked.”

NPR characterized him as the “Craziest Stump Speech Ever Candidate,” which pretty much captures what I see when I watch it.

You’ll be relieved to know Phil Davison did NOT get the nomination for treasurer in Stark County, Ohio. The GOP has been moving toward the angry fringe this year, but thank goodness, not quite this far…

8 thoughts on “Howard Dean’s Scream will now be forgotten

  1. Brad

    Whoa. I remember a lot of dope-smoking going on at that school (not by me; everybody else), but the stuff wasn’t THAT powerful back in our day.

    “Lippy Espinosa.” Heh. I remember someone we know going around doing a “Lippy” impersonation all through late spring and early summer, 1971.

    Not me, though. I was too busy soul-stomping the gas pedal of my ’58 Oldsmobile in time with “Brown Sugar” as I drove along Kam Highway…

  2. Ralph Hightower

    Wow! His pacing around the podium and then returning to the podium to read his note, as well as his bug-eyed expression made me dizzy!

    I expected him to also pledge allegiance to the National Rifle Association when he pledged allegiance to the National Republican Pary, Ohio Republican Party and Stark County Republican Party.


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