It’s not Clapton, but Sheheen’s “Crossroads” is a good start on the fall campaign

Above is the TV ad just released by the Sheheen campaign, entitled “Crossroads.”

I like it. It hits the right notes for going after the people who decide elections — us independents, and the Republicans who are smart enough not to want another four years of Sanford. And there are a lot of such Republicans, no matter what some Democrats might think. It’s good to see that Vincent is starting out trying (honestly and candidly, without a single note of artifice) to appeal to them, as well as to the sensible folk in the middle.

This is a good start on the fall campaign. But we need to see a lot more good stuff if he’s to avoid another defeat for South Carolina.

Oh, and just for fun, here’s the Cream electrified version of the Robert Johnson classic below:

10 thoughts on “It’s not Clapton, but Sheheen’s “Crossroads” is a good start on the fall campaign

  1. Phillip

    “Artifice” doesn’t necessarily have to connote insincerity:

    from Merriam-Webster dictionary:
    a : clever or artful skill
    b : an ingenious device or expedient

    An ad by a Democratic candidate in SC that has front-and-center within its first 15 seconds a pickup truck, a whole family carrying guns, and prayer, is in my book showing “clever and artful skill.”

    All I can say is thank goodness Sheheen can take for granted the support of this Japanese-compact-car-driving, non-hunting, non-church-going-agnostic!

  2. Doug Ross

    I’m not Mark Sanford either. Please write my name in for Governor. My kids are in public schools, I go to church, and I have a magic plan for creating jobs that I’ll gladly share with you after I am elected.

    Unless Sheheen can get out the black vote, this is a done deal.

  3. Brad

    I originally typed “falseness.” Decided I preferred “artifice.” Maybe I should have gone with my first instinct.

    Yep, he’s deliberately showing you these sides of himself. But nope, he’s not being phony about it.

  4. Kathryn Fenner

    People who do not honestly need a pickup truck should not drive one–they are less safe and less fuel efficient.

    from a smug Japanese car driver and Sheheen voter.

    at least he wasn’t wearin’ a huntin’ vest and slingin’ a shotgun or nuthin’

  5. Nathan Earle

    Sheheen and Haley have both demonstrated lack of judgment by sending their kids to the same FAILED public school system that is failing the rest of South Carolina’s children. It’s not something to brag about.

    And Brad, I’m sorry to say that Jim Hodges did not win with the “independent” vote; he won with the redneck vote.

  6. Kathryn Fenner

    Nathan Earle–As a product of the so-called FAILED public school system of South Carolina, I’ll put my education against yours, or any privately educated person’s any day.

    Kudos to the Sheheens and the Haleys for supporting public education!

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