Kennedy-Ayers affair holds lesson for Tea Party

I really hope that Nikki Haley, Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint, Joe Wilson and every adherent of the Tea Party reads that last post I shared with you. It contains an important lesson.

These people are fond of equating liberalism with dangerous radicalism. And they’ve pulled previously sensible Republicans along with them into this nasty habit of thought (if you can call it thought).

But the tale of how Bill Ayers honored Sirhan Sirhan for killing liberal icon Robert F. Kennedy, and how Bobby’s son, now a pillar in his community, led a board (likely chock full of liberals, although I don’t know that) to deny an honor to unrepentant terrorist Ayers because of what he did, is instructive.

It shows liberals as mainstream people who uphold fundamental standards of decency in their communities, just as real conservatives — in the traditional sense of the word; not the way Sarah Palin and her ilk use it — would do.

Dangerous radicals are beyond the pale. Sensible liberals, and conservatives, are the people who point out that fact.

Therein lies the difference. So knock it off with the demonization of people who are NOT beyond the pale.

11 thoughts on “Kennedy-Ayers affair holds lesson for Tea Party

  1. bud

    Is there such a thing as a “sensible conservative” in today’s political environment? Supposedly John McCain and Lindsey Graham were sensible conservatives but lately they are becoming more and more like the fringe Tea Partiers. John McCain defending DADT. Lindsey Graham ranting about repeal of the health care plan. I’ll keep an open mind but seems like “sensible conservative” is becoming an oxymoron.

  2. Brad

    Not to get off on that theme again, but being in support of DADT, which I’ve always seen as a sensible compromise on a difficult issue, is not inconsistent with being a “sensible conservative.”

    One does not have to be a liberal to be a “sensible conservative.” In fact, being any kind of liberal is inconsistent with being any kind of conservative.

    Bud, you’re not a conservative. So it is illogical and unfair for you to require a conservative to agree with you before you will acknowledge him as being sensible.

  3. Phillip

    I like this post but I don’t see this event having the effect you hope. All I see is the name “Ayers” back in the news, and I can just hear the Fox line now: “Even Kennedy Clan Turning Its Back on Obama-Style Radicalism By Rejecting Close Obama Advisor and Pal Bill Ayers.”

    It could be an Onion headline, but as I imagine they’re finding, it’s getting harder and harder to keep in front of the absurdist curve. Let’s wait and see, I’ll apologize for contributing to the divisiveness if I’m wrong, but I bet I’m not wrong.

  4. Mark Stewart

    I’m a moderate conservative – who believes in Liberalism. So you certainly can’t call me sensible.

    But don’t lump me in with people like those you mentioned – or their political hacks who further rachet up the nonesense.

  5. bud

    I guess sensible is in the eye of the beholder. I’m sure Sarah Palin would argue that anyone who supports Obama-care, TARP and the stimulus is not sensible. I would suggest anyone opposed to those things is not being sensible.

  6. bud

    Yes, the Bush TARP. I guess even Bush had a sensible moment or two. Another one was in the days after 9-11 when he tried to calm fears about Muslims. The Tea Partiers? Haven’t seen it yet.

    But this illustrates my point. Even though Bush was wrong about 95% of the time he did have a few good moments. But the new version of the GOP as it has been taken over by the Tea Partiers even rejects the few sensible decisions Bush had. And it seems like Graham and McCain are going along more and more often with those folks. So how can I even pretend the GOP has it’s sensible side anymore.

  7. yarrrr

    Would Kennedy have cared if Ayers hadn’t dedicated that book to Sirhan Sirhan?

    JFK and RFK were good buddies with Joe McCarthy…

  8. Kathryn Fenner

    –wouldn’t have needed TARP if he hadn’t let Lehman Bros. go under–and if he had kept better watch on the chicken coop to begin with–and shame on Clinton for bowing to the plutocrats’ desires for laissez faire, so long as the faire is good, not bad.

  9. John J Anonymous

    Kennedy handled this situation with class. I have met Ayers several times. He is a pompous, arrogant, idiot and lucky he is breathing my air. I have also been around many of the so-called academics and met dozens of retarded PhD’s. Max Ellithorpe is obviously a naive boy who, like most pie-eyed college kids wants to “fight the man”. Let’s dedicate a book to the guy who busted a cap in daddy Ellithorpe’s gut and see what Maxy-boy thinks about it then. These people do not live in reality. If I was Kennedy, I’d have slammed the university’s door on Ayers ass the minute I became a trustee.

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