Last chance to walk with Doug, Kathryn and me

Last week when I put out the call for a blog team for the Walk for Life, Doug Ross and Kathryn Fenner generously volunteered immediately.

I had intended to keep the momentum going with a reminder each day, but I’ve had very little time for blogging this past week.

And now I see that the deadline for signing up is TODAY. I don’t know whether that means this morning, or noon today or midnight. But if you’d like to join the team, go to this link NOW and see if it will still let you in.

Here’s hoping I’ll see you on Oct. 2…

8 thoughts on “Last chance to walk with Doug, Kathryn and me

  1. Mark Stewart

    Did I? It looked as though team registration had closed, so I made a donation. Thanks for bringing such a worthy cause to everyone’s attention!

  2. Brad

    OK, now that I go look at the site, I see that David and Mark aren’t showing up on the team page.

    That’s OK — I’ve received e-mail confirmation that each of them has “made a donation on your team page” — so their contributions DO count, and they will get to walk with us.

    You can still sign up until almost the last minute. Here’s the latest info I have from the Walk for Life organizers:

    Online Registration for Individual Walkers/Runners is Still Open!

    Even though the deadline has passed to join a team, you can still register online for the Walk/Race as an individual walker or runner until Weds., Sept. 29 at NOON at Individual walkers or runners will not show up on team lists, but they can still walk or run with your team the day-of the Walk/Race.

    So keep signing up!

  3. Kathryn Fenner

    Yay–where’s bud? Herb? I know some of the rest of you don’t live in or near Columbia, but y’all who do–come on down!

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