Negative Nancy? She’s negative? SHE’S negative?

Wow. Wow. Wow.

Just got yet another release (it’s a daily ritual) from Joe Wilson that is all about Nancy Pelosi rather than the 2nd Congressional District race.

And this one calls her “Negative Nancy” in the head:

Help Send “Negative Nancy” A Message

What would you do if the policies you cherish and forced on the country caused mass unemployment and economic despair?Chances are, you would admit defeat, apologize profusely to the public, and then proceed to jump in a hole so deep that you would land in China (where your liberal agenda may actually be popular, so everybody wins).

However, Nancy Pelosi and her liberal friends lack the humility to retreat quietly into the night. Instead, “Negative Nancy” constantly barrages voters with tired rhetoric and liberal talking points. She would rather attack conservatives who voice your opinion than admit defeat.

Since we know that this is the way liberals operate, it should come as no surprise that Nancy Pelosi is coming to Charleston this weekend to make a speech. She is absolutely committed to punishing true conservatives like Congressman Joe Wilson, who have the integrity to stand up to her job killing liberal agenda.

“Negative Nancy” is planning on coming to our state from her lofty perch to energize her liberal allies. She thinks that with enough money and tired rhetoric she can defeat conservative ideals.

Help Joe Wilson stop the barrage of negativity coming from Pelosi and her liberal friends. Please click here now to support Joe and help him reach his goal of $25,000 this week!

Dustin Olson
Campaign Manager
Joe Wilson for Congress

Wow, again. Release after release calling her every bad name you can think of, and you call HER “negative.” Wowee.

I think you might want to go back to calling her “liberal” over and over and over and over and over. At least that’s true, for whatever relevance it has.

20 thoughts on “Negative Nancy? She’s negative? SHE’S negative?

  1. Doug Ross

    I used to think that that the guy who works as the men’s room attendant at Charlotte airport had the least appealing job.

    Then I read this fundraising email and realized that having a job where you have to write that b.s. on a daily basis probably results in a much lower self-esteem… and you can’t wash the stench off every night.

    “Daddy, what did you do at work today? ”

    “Why, son, I created a totally bogus email that I sent out to thousands of idiots asking them to give their money to the moron I work for.”

    “Gee, Daddy, you must really like the man you work for!”

    “No, son, if the other moron he is running against paid me $1 more, I’d write the same stuff for him”

  2. bud

    I especially like the part about her “job killing liberal agenda”. What “You Lie” doesn’t tell you is that here in the most conservative state in the country the unemployment rate is among the nation’s highest. Sounds like a “job killing conservative agenda” is more accurate.

  3. Kathryn Fenner

    @ Doug Ross — I quit a high-paying lawyer job (NOT here in SC) once because I started to realize I was having trouble distinguishing between a favorable story for our corporate clients and actual reality. A friend and mentor who had also worked at that firm told me about how he felt that it was as if he had started to grow gills and breathe water(spin) and was losing touch with what it was like to breathe air (truth).

    Which is not to say that is the case at all law firms, I have found,just this one and that may have even only been true in a certain department.

    I believe everyone has the right to have his story told in as favorable a light as possible–that’s how our system works. I draw the line when the story starts to get Photoshopped instead of just well-lit.

  4. Tom

    Brad, I came across something last night along these same lines and perhaps even more idiotic. I live in House District 79. Democrat Mia Butler is fresh off her victory in the special Tuesday election primary. I received a call asking if I thought it was a good idea for Mia to have Nancy Pelosi campaign with her here or not.

    I may be wrong, but I do think the Speaker of the House has more on her mind than our little Kershaw & Richland County district. I found it to be utterly ridiculous, and luckily, I received this on VM and did not speak to a live person.

    It did not say that the call came from Butler’s opponent, but whether it did or not, it is another case of, as you say, “total contempt for the South Carolina electorate.”

  5. Brad

    I don’t HATE either one of them. But I like them both about the same. Which means not much.

    I think choosing Sarah Palin to be his running mate — without which we’d have never heard of her, and wouldn’t that be nice? — was a huge mistake on McCain’s part. (Of course, he should have picked Joe Lieberman.)

    I think electing Pelosi speaker was an equal and opposite mistake by Democrats, who by so doing yanked perception of their party far to the left. They would have been far better off with someone like, I don’t know, John Spratt. I’d name some others, but I’m just not that hip to the names of moderate House members.

    That’s one of our problems. We seldom hear about the moderates in either party.

  6. Phillip

    @Kathryn: of course Brad is right that Pelosi is more liberal than Spratt and that certainly has a lot to do with it.

    But I have another theory, which is that the right wing REALLY saves some of its most virulent hatred for people they believe to be “traitors to their class,” i.e., wealthy liberals. Somehow that especially bugs them: think of the contempt and the derision you’ve heard directed at: FDR, the Kennedys, John Kerry, George Soros, Nancy Pelosi. “Limousine liberals” I believe they call them…as if somehow being wealthy yet not wanting to pursue policies that punish the less-affluent or the working poor is some kind of class treason.

  7. Kathryn Fenner

    Obama is actually pretty moderate, in the rest of the country–around here, Lindsay Graham is viewed as a lib’rul.

    I believe you are right, Phillip. It’s fine for the granddaughter of the working man (and niece of *union members*–wooo) like me to be a commie, but when a rich kid does it….

  8. Brad

    Yeah, but I don’t think it’s about them being a traitor to their class. Such things were said of Teddy Roosevelt, and probably Franklin, too. But I think the reason the right sneers now at “limousine liberals” is because they’re suggesting they are illegitimate, that they’re “slumming” with their views, and have no legitimate claim to solidarity with the workers.

    In other words, more “phony” among the poor than “traitor” to the rich.

  9. Brad

    Kind of like I was doing with John Edwards when I called him a phony. But I was talking about a trait peculiar to HIM, not to a class of people…

  10. scout

    I’m not a huge fan of Nancy even though I typically lean more to the democratic side. I can’t tell you exactly why – it’s just a vibe I get. She doesn’t come across as terribly smart. I cringe at the way she states things sometimes, and I think the way she puts things accentuates partisanship more than necessary. But I don’t hate her like these people do.

  11. Kathryn Fenner

    Pot-Kettle: Black to the hypocritical “family values,” “successful business-running” Republicans, then….

  12. Kathryn Fenner

    I guess I thought she was fine–not that sing-songy mean-girl nastiness you get from Sarah Palin, and isn’t the bailout she was speaking out against the very bailout a lot of Republicans like to blame on Obama?

    I think the vibe may be about someone who upsets expectations–women should be X way, or black men should be X way (or else be mistaken for other black men who are similarly uppity).


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