Who wants to join me at the Walk for Life?

My wife, a breast cancer survivor (Thank God for his tender mercies), told me the other night that she had signed me up for her team for the Walk for Life this year.

I said, “But I was going to form a blog team!”

So she said I’d better go ahead and do it. Instead of just talking about it the way I did last year. The deadline for participants to sign up is a week from today.

So I went to the website, and set up a team called “Brad’s Bloggers.” I had no idea what to set as a fund-raising goal, so I went with the default $100. That way, if y’all don’t come through, I can cough it up myself.

But you will come through, right? It’s on Saturday, Oct. 2, starting at 8:30 in Finlay Park.

You can sign up for the team by going to this link, clicking on “Join Our Team,” and following the prompts. Once you’ve done so, please e-mail me at brad@bradwarthen.com. Then, just before the event, I’ll send all those who contacted me info on where and how to meet so we can walk together.

So how about it? Let’s show ’em we bloggers are more than just a bunch of couch potatoes sitting in front of a laptop in our pajamas. Put on some actual pants, and shoes, and walk with us.

6 thoughts on “Who wants to join me at the Walk for Life?

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    I’m on board, but can we get some special t-shirts made? I am already making an exception to my rule against wearing clothing with writing on it….and a unisex t-shirt? Puhleeze!At least make it special–it’s an advertising moment–branding!

    I’m thinking a bow-tie/faux seersucker suit look, with Team ID information on the back and a tasteful “badge” on the front “pocket”–like those awful Ralph Lauren logo blazers.

  2. Mark Stewart

    I was interested in supporting the cause until I read Kathryn’s comment.

    Bow-ties are okay, seersucker is marginal for other people, but fake t-shirts are just way too much for everyone. But she kids. The idea’s there though – make a statement!


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