About that “business endorsement” Nikki got…

As you know, the premiere organization for South Carolina’s business leadership, the state Chamber of Commerce, is backing Vincent Sheheen for governor — as are most serious people who know how the world works and care about the future of this state.

Nikki Haley keeps looking for ways to counter the fact that she, a Republican, does not have such support. Yesterday, her campaign announced that it had received the endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Business. My first thought was yeah, she’d have to go to a national organization for such a nod, because the locals know better — but then I saw that this was the South Carolina affiliate of that organization. So I didn’t really know what it meant.

But then somebody brought this blog post to my attention:

Will the NFIB please go away…..

Let’s be honest–I absolutely abhor the so-called National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). It’s not a representative business group. In 2004 95% of their members said they voted for Bush, compared to 53% of all small business owners. (Remember that election was 50–50) Nonetheless, the first line of the recent NY Times article on NFIB joining the Republican Attorneys-General lawsuit on the individual mandate is that they’re trying to depoliticize the “largely Republican assault” on the new health care law. Ha, bloody ha.

But I’m not grumpy that the NFIB is joining this pointless lawsuit. I’m grumpy that they’re so blatantly going against the interest of small businesses. And yes I run one! So to remind you how stupid the NFIB is (in global not political terms) I’ve reprinted an article I wrote on Spot-on back in 2006–-and sadly nothing has changed. (The great thing about being a relatively veteran blogger is that I can really recycle material!)…

If all that is right, that would tend to explain the Haley endorsement.

4 thoughts on “About that “business endorsement” Nikki got…

  1. Doug Ross

    A post from a San Francisco-based small business owner is relevant how?

    The old Brad Warthen would have said “stay out of South Carolina’s business”

  2. Pricey Flak

    Keep asking questions and looking under the rocks… No one else is really doing it. It is obscene what is going on… Hopefully people will wake up and pick the candidate with integrity and character.

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