By popular demand, another TIP missive

I’m way behind on e-mail — yesterday was a real bear, and I’m trying to catch up on everything today — and I had missed this message (it came in yesterday) until someone asked me about it on Facebook:

TIP calls for a Full Airing of the Truth

COLUMBIA– This afternoon Conservatives for Truth in Politics announced their call for the chair of the South Carolina Republican Party, Karen Floyd, to give a full detailed explanation of her role and other party officials’ role, in authorizing convicted felon, Jim Hirni, be allowed to raise money for the republican party.  The call comes following a State newspaper report of a scandal in which the SCGOP was found to be partnering with a convicted felon and former deputy to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff.  This revelation, along with the public admission that a SCGOP consultant employed Mr. Hirni and received $34,000 from the party casts serious doubt on the judgment of Ms. Floyd and we believe fellow conservatives and republicans deserve the truth of how this was allowed.

“It is absolutely essential to our democracy that voters are able to trust their leadership,” said Cyndi Mosteller, Co-Chair and former 1st Vice Chairman of the SC Republican Party.  “Yet it appears until a more forthright explanation is given, that the SCGOP consciously decided to embrace the corrupt politics that have defined Washington, D.C. for a generation.  Karen Floyd should address this issue immediately, and our party should take the necessary steps to disassociate itself from Mr. Hirni.”

“Dr. Woodard and I took the podium last week to announce the formation of Truth In Politics because we were concerned about many questions that have arisen in the media concerning our nominee.  We are just trying to find answers to some very serious questions.  Ms. Floyd and other party leaders quickly denounced us.  This is the same person that objected to us standing up for our convictions and try to do what we feel is right–yet appears to think its perfectly fine to authorize a Washington DC convicted felon to raise money for the republican party,” said Mosteller.

In addition to asking for Ms. Floyd to explain to the people of South Carolina, TIP also asks that Ms. Haley’s campaign manager, Tim Person, make a detailed public statement on whether Mr. Hirni has worked with him on the Haley campaign since it was reported the two worked together in the past.  “This is not the same Republican Party that I got involved in 20 years ago.  It makes me recall the famous quote from John Dalberg-Acton in the 19th century, ‘power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.’  I hope the leadership of the party will move swiftly so we can put this behind us immediately,” said Dave Woodard.


So there you have it.

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