Every time you turn over a rock…

… another problem from Nikki Haley’s past crawls out.

This time, it has to do with the House member leaning on the Employment Security Commission to suspend an audit of her family business:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley called a commissioner at the state’s workforce agency while she was a sitting lawmaker to ask that an audit of her family’s business be suspended.

Haley’s Democratic opponent, Vincent Sheheen, made Haley’s request public this afternoon while responding to Haley’s campaign statement that unemployed South Carolinians should submit to drug tests in order to collect unemployment benefits.

Haley says she asked for an extension.

Former Employment Security Commissioner Becky Richardson confirmed to The Post and Courier that Haley made the request. Richardson said she couldn’t recall all the specifics but said that the audit was indeed suspended, though she doesn’t remember for what length of time. Richardson said Haley told her “that it was a real busy time” when she made the request in early 2005. Haley has served in the statehouse since 2004…

How many more things will we learn about — before and after the election — that just don’t quite pass the smell test? It’s bizarre that she keeps trying to hammer Vincent over worker’s comp. Well, I guess Vincent decided he’d heard enough of that nonsense — particularly in light of how Nikki has tried to use the system.

And what on Earth is wrong with the people who still plan to vote for her?

I mean, isn’t this kind of abuse of power by politicians the very thing that riles up the Tea Partiers who are her base? Do those folks believe in anything?

16 thoughts on “Every time you turn over a rock…

  1. Tom Fillinger

    Words and their relationships give menaing to language.

    Requesting an extension is hardly the equivalent of “leaning on”, especially since the person receiving the request barely recalls the incident.

    Context is King. Mr. Warthen is campaign headquarters for mr. Shaeen even if it means stretching the credulity of language and assigning something less than intelligence to the average reader.

  2. David Carlton

    I mean, isn’t this kind of abuse of power by politicians the very thing that riles up the Tea Partiers who are her base? Do those folks believe in anything?

    Gee, haven’t you figured that one out by now? The Tea Partiers believe in themselves. If “their” politicians abuse power, that’s perfectly OK; if “they” benefit from government services or favors, that’s OK. It’s only wrong if the “wrong” people benefit. It has little to do with principle, and a lot to do with tribalism. Their tribe embodies the American people; if you’re not in the tribe, you’re the problem.

  3. Doug T

    I drive through 4 counties to work. There’s a sea of Sheheen signs but I haven’t spotted a Haley sign yet. Maybe Haley doesn’t need the Pee Dee. Heck a big sub division in Greenville probably would equal all the votes here anyway. Haven’t seen a TV commercial for either.

    I guess my question is which poll seems on target? Haley by 17 or by 4? Does anyone haave a feel how this thing is going?

  4. Joanne

    She needs to give up this quest to be the third term of Mark Sanford.

    The flames of this where’s-there-smoke-there-must-be-fire are burning pretty brightly now.

  5. Box Turtle

    Sadly, if it came out that Nikki Haley had married Idi Amin and took part in Ugandan genocide it wouldn’t change the minds of 98 percent of the Tea Party crowd.

    Face it, if they ain’t convinced she’s a shady character at this point, ain’t nothing going to convince them.

  6. Loyal GOPER

    She “Haley” lied again…

    ANOTHER LIE: “Haley said Wednesday afternoon that in early 2005 said she called the customer service line at the workforce agency to find out how to request an extension for the routine audit of her family’s business.” The commissioner (Becky Richardson) confirmed with SCHotline that in fact Haley dialed her direct line and not customer service. Also that she never called Haley saying, “Why would I?”

  7. Jim

    The Democratic party has been taken over by miscreants. I’m not voting so much for Nikki Haley as I’m voting against Marxists, socialists or Communists. I loathe to see Dems back anti-American candidates. The Democratic party I used to belong to was better than that. Seems the loudest voices from Dems are the reprobates!

  8. bud

    The latest 538 rating gives Sheheen a 7% chance of winning. That’s an improvement and an indication that the race is tightening a bit. There is a glimmer of hope.

  9. suz

    I agree with David–it’s us vs. them. If you’re one of “us” you can do no wrong. If you’re a socialist/liberal/bureaucrat/you name it, you can do no right.

    The Rolling Stone article on the tea party nails this concept. http://tinyurl.com/2ajt9gs

  10. Ralph Hightower

    Every day, Nikki Haley is looking more and more like Boss Hogg of the Dukes of Hazzard, crooked, and crookeder.

    Boss Hogg and Nikki Haley have two other things in common:
    1) They both wear white;
    2) They both drive white Cadillacs.

    Nikki, the darling of the Tea Party, blasted the bailout of Detroit, yet drives a “Government Motors” Cadillac Escalade SUV.

  11. Doug Ross

    Well, this should pretty much reverse Brad’s opinion of Haley:

    ” The former South Carolina director for John McCain’s presidential campaign has joined Nikki Haley’s gubernatorial campaign staff.

    Trey Walker said Wednesday he is now the Haley campaign’s senior adviser.”

  12. Brad

    Well, I’m happy for Trey that he found employment in a campaign.

    You know, Doug, some of the people who worked for McCain in 2008 were the same ones who did him in in 2000…

  13. Jeffrey Sewell

    It would behoove one to have varied interests other than politics at a time like this. Who would have thought that conservatives in South Carolina would be forced to choose between a serial liar and a trial attorney?

  14. jfx


    When you walk into that booth, you’ll have the option of voting for Nikki Haley or Vincent Sheheen (and probably a couple other folks you’ve never heard of). As far as I can tell, neither Nikki nor Vincent are “miscreants” or “Marxist” or “Socialist” or “Communist” or “anti-American”. So, you have a choice between two people, both of them proud patriots in their own way, and you get to decide which of those individuals is better qualified for the job, and who will be the more competent governor.

    OR you can go in that booth and vote against Vincent because of the letter beside his name, which is about the most ridiculous and irresponsible reason to vote against somebody.

    Your call, SuperPatriot.

    I can understand people voting for Haley if they agree with her on SPECIFIC policy issues (and not the vacuous “Cut Red Tape” rhetorical drivel that she trumpets as part of her “plan” to grow the economy), but for the love of SC, let’s please consider voting for the PERSON ON THE BALLOT who is more qualified and competent. Let’s not punish ourselves by delusionally thinking that we are somehow punishing Pelosi.

    Ah, the idealist in me. We South Carolinians have a long, proud tradition of voting against our own best interests, and we have the economic and education rankings to prove it. Why should we even think of transforming that proud heritage?

  15. Kathryn Fenner

    “We South Carolinians have a long, proud tradition of voting against our own best interests,”

    including federal funding that we greatly benefit from to the tune of 135% return!

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