Is Joe Neal moonlighting in Memphis?

Went to the Rendezvous for Charlie Vergos’ famous dry-rub ribs Friday night, and was really surprised when I looked down at the menu.

Is it just me, or is that guy a dead ringer for our own Joe Neal, preacher and legislator?

I don’t think it’s just me. When I got back and took a look at his official picture on the legislative Web site (the same one that has Nikki as “Mrs. William Michael”), Joe looked even more like the guy on the menu than I had remembered.

I’m impressed. For an SC lawmaker to have such a connection, however coincidental, to the unparalleled Memphis barbecue tradition is worth celebrating…

2 thoughts on “Is Joe Neal moonlighting in Memphis?

  1. Old Lady Fenner

    I dunno–you’re just trying to deflect after being outed as Will Folks earlier today on your very own blog!

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