Is that really Andre behind those souvenir photos?

Since I watch my football on HDTV and don’t actually rub elbows with the fans, I haven’t seen what Andy Shain, business editor at The State, wrote of on Twitter the other day:

Andy Shain Spotted Lt Gov Andre Bauer hawking framed photos after USC game. Hid himself behind one of his photos when I tried to shoot a pix. #sctweets

@Erinish3 @paigecoop they were gamecock-related photos. The one he held up was the USC flag atop the statehouse. Will post photo soon.

@TheBigPicture it was a surreal sight after the surreal sight of watching the gamecock football team beat no. 1

Look who’s hawking: Lt gov Andre Bauer shields himself while selling photos after USC game. #sctweets

Above you see the image to which he was referring.

If that is Andre, then, as a guy who was unemployed for nearly a year, I’m all for what he’s doing. To quote Don Corleone, “I want to congratulate you on your new business and I’m sure you’ll do very well and good luck to you. Especially since your interests don’t conflict with mine.”

Actually, I don’t know if it’s a new business. I seem to recall that Andre started a business when he was in college having something to do with Gamecock memorabilia, but I had idea he was still doing it.

And the thing is, if there’s a fortune to be made in souvenir photos, Andre will make it. He styles himself the hardest-working man in SC politics, and the hustle he’s always shown on the hustings backs it up. I’ll bet if HE were trying to sell blog ads, he’d do better than I have…

7 thoughts on “Is that really Andre behind those souvenir photos?

  1. Matt

    Brad: he sells those photos himself at the USC games to raise money for the private charitable foundation he started (that helps fund some of his senior-citizen initiatives like the giving out of blankets, etc.) He talked about it frequently during the campaign.

  2. Norm Ivey

    It’s definitely Andre. He came by our tailgate last year driving a golf cartnd sold some pieces. (Not to me, but to others.)

  3. suz

    One of my coworkers at the state agency where I work told me about this some months ago. She says he’s “always out there at games” selling his pictures.

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