Karen gets fanciful, and I like it

After all the silly, monotonous, offensive ideological rants about Nancy Pelosi and such, I enjoyed this change-of-pace message from Karen Floyd:

Dear Subscriber

It’s so strange how much things change over the years. Back when our founding fathers were striving to make this country great, men of influence proved their knowledge and wisdom by wearing a silly white wig. And as male masculinity dictates: the bigger the wig, the greater the power.

In case you don’t know, the white wigs of old have been replaced as status symbols with one intangible quality: Facebook Friends! That’s right- the wide world of politics is now funneled down to this tiny concept, which defines how much people esteem a campaign’s ideals.

This new Facebook system is much more reliable than the ridiculous white wig arrangement. By looking at an old painting of Benjamin Franklin wearing a wig, can you gauge how much support he had from the people? I don’t think so. However, you can easily go to the SCGOP Facebook page now with one clickand immediately see that we are supported by a whole host of individuals across the state.

So, we need your help to reach 5,000 friends on Facebook. This would be equivalent to a massive, curly white wig that gloriously hangs down to the floor.

Please click here now to visit our Facebook page, click the “Like” button and share with your friends!


Karen Floyd

SCGOP Chairman

I didn’t quite enjoy it enough to be a fan, but I generally don’t do institutions, and especially not political parties. People, I do. And I’m already Facebook friends with Karen.

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