Sheheen gets support from 2 more top Republicans

Vincent Sheheen talks a lot about how he would emulate Carroll Campbell on economic development and other issues. That’s not just some line to hoax the yokels.

Two top business supporters of Campbell (and Thurmond and Dole and other Republicans) have officially endorsed his candidacy, including a former commerce secretary from a GOP administration:

GOP Business Leaders Endorse Sheheen

Columbia, SC – With only five days until the General Election, two of South Carolina’s most notable and successful business leaders, both of whom have been Republican Party mainstays, have endorsed the Democratic gubernatorial nominee.

Today, W. W.“ Hootie” Johnson of Columbia and Robert Royall of Huger endorsed Democrat Vincent Sheheen.  Both men have a long history of supporting Republicans at every level but say this year’s election is too important to be bound by partisanship.

The two banking pioneers are well known for their staunch support of the Republican Party and its candidates.  Johnson chaired campaign finance committees for Strom Thurmond and Carroll Campbell and was also Bob Dole’s SC finance chair during the presidential campaign of 1996.  Royall was state commerce secretary under Governor David Beasley and US ambassador to Tanzania under President George W. Bush.  The two have made substantial financial contributions to Republicans over the years.

“This is a crucial time in South Carolina.  Our next governor must be a statesman who is focused on addressing our challenges.  We have worked for the election of South Carolinians like Strom Thurmond and Carroll Campbell,” said Johnson and Royall. “We see Vincent Sheheen as having the potential leadership qualities of these two great South Carolinians.”

“South Carolina needs a trust-worthy leader with a good understanding of government and business.  Vincent Sheheen has an abundance of these qualities and he has the temperament to be a unifier in the legislature.  We desperately need a governor who can get this state back on the right path, and Vincent can be that governor,” said Johnson and Royall.


Will this tip the balance? Nope. Because 99.99 percent of people voting next Tuesday are NOT knowledgeable Republicans who’ve been there and done that, or respected business leaders. In fact, in this populist environment, such things are denigrated. If you had to actually know something about economic development to vote — or if you had to actually KNOW both Vincent Sheheen and Nikki Haley well — Sheheen would win in a walk. But that’s not the way our democracy works.

The thing is, most of the people who will vote Tuesday — for either candidate — probably never heard of Hootie Johnson or Bob Royall.

Quite a system we’ve got, huh?

7 thoughts on “Sheheen gets support from 2 more top Republicans

  1. Mark Stewart


    Actually its the best in the world; though not perfect.

    We must either enfranchise everyone or go to a far worse place.

    Its a personal responsibility thing; voters have an obligation – no, a duty – to inform themselves in an intelligent way.

    We are in it together though, which is what too many forget.

  2. Juan Caruso

    Brad, why should most voters have heard of these two before now?

    Most people have not heard of the lawyers who network with judges and the DNC/RNC, either, nor the telephone conversations made to call in their favors. Lawyering is a very dirty business in which the stars have all had to make their bones in the same cesspool (network).

    Ads appear across the state of “Republicans and Independents” for Sheehan. Insiders who know, realize the undersigned are largely lawyers.

    The two-party system is a fraud when lawyers operate one party and infiltrate the other to eliminate true competition for votes.

    One thing is for certain, as Republicans endorse Sheehan their names go on a list of folks not to be trusted again by conservative voters whose aim is not the lawyer-controlled politics we have witnessed for so long, but competition as never seen before.

  3. Ralph Hightower

    Let’s face it!

    South Carolina, the Republicans, the Tea Baggers, the “Mamma Grizzlies” are “snake bit”!

    Dum Spiro, Spero: While I breathe, I hope.

    I can only hope that South Carolina will vote for Vincent Sheheen. I also hope that there are Republicans that recognize that they should vote for the person most capable of leading South Carolina.

  4. Ralph Hightower

    I think I saw where it takes about 11 hours for a cobra strike to take down an elephant.

    I wonder how long it would take for a cobra to take down a grizzly.

    Sarah Palin, watch your front, sides, and rear. A cobra can probably take down a “Mama Grizzly” with no problem!

  5. Mark Stewart


    I am not a lawyer. I am a Republican and I support Sheheen over Hailey. Is that so hard to believe?

    What is the trauma that you feel about attorneys? Do tell. It’s getting old to hear how an occupation that more often helps us can only be the devil’s work in your eyes.


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