That’s not MY Christina…

Kathryn probably thought she was doing me a favor sending me this link to a piece about a Christina Hendricks photo shoot. But I was disappointed. She’s way more attractive on “Mad Men,” and most attractive of all back on “Firefly” (see below). In this shoot, they made her look way artificial, almost like there’s a plastic coating covering her from head to toe. Nevertheless, Christina herself seems proud of it, because they got it from her site.

Whereas I want to see the real Joan. I mean, Saffron. I mean, Brigid. I mean, Yolanda. I mean, of course, Christina.

3 thoughts on “That’s not MY Christina…

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    She was eight or so years younger then, and wearing a whole lot less make-up. Any teenager worth her salt can attest to the aging properties of heavy makeup!


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