“The Brad Show,” Episode 3: Vincent Sheheen

Well, here it is: The third installment of “The Brad Show.” Our guest Wednesday afternoon was Sen. Vincent Sheheen, the Democratic nominee for governor of South Carolina.

We sort of did this one on the run. We found out on Wednesday that he would be in our neighborhood, and were told we could catch him over at Rep. James Smith‘s law office at 4 p.m. So Jay and Julia grabbed the equipment, and we ran over there. James and his staff hastily cleaned off a conference table that was covered with stacks of documents and other debris while Jay and Julia set up the camera and wired us for sound, and we were off. Twenty-five minutes later, we were packed up and ready to leave, the interview in the proverbial can. It all went so smoothly — no thanks to me; all I did was show up — that would you have thought we had done this 100 times before.

So thanks, Jay and Julia, and thanks, Capt. Smith, for accommodating us so generously.

I hope you can find something of value in this conversation. I’m sure you’ll tell me if you don’t…

7 thoughts on ““The Brad Show,” Episode 3: Vincent Sheheen

  1. Karen McLeod

    I liked what Mr. Sheheen said. I’d like to know more about how he plans to increase jobs, improve our schools, and restructure government.

  2. Doug T

    I think Haley will do well in the debates. She has her talking points and buzz phrases down.

    There’s a sense of substance coming from Sheheen. If he comes across as well as he did in this interview, he will take the undecided and eek out a victory.

    I hope the debate format allows the candidates more than one minute for responses. The longer the time, the more hollow Haley’s rote answers will rattle empty.

    The first time she mutters something about taking our government back, that loud scream you’ll hear will be from my den.

  3. Pat

    I enjoyed the interview. I think he has been an effective legislator. He will do a good job as governor, but he will face the toughest situation of any SC governor in the last 50-75 years.

  4. Greg Jones

    Great interview. Still don’t have Nikki scheduled?
    With SCETV as my only SC TV station, I only get to see one of the three debates on TV?
    Do we care so little?

  5. Kathryn Fenner

    @Greg Jones–I have read enough about the candidates that I really see not need to pay attention to the “debates.” I would vote for Mark Sanford before I would vote for Nikki Haley–at least I think we know pretty much all there is to know about him, while she seems to still fool an awful lot of people.

  6. scout

    I too was in high school and college when Campbell was in office. This will be the first time ever I will be older than the Governor no matter who it is, which feels a little weird. But anyway, I very much appreciate this interview. Thanks for getting it out there, Brad. I can see the substance behind Sheheen. I hope others are paying attention, but I have my doubts. At least, the info is out there for those who care to look.

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