“The Brad Show” is back in production!

Speaking of the untimely cancellation of brilliant television, you will recall that “The Brad Show” was cancelled after one well-received episode.

But now, it’s back! Or will be, in the next few days. I just taped the second installment this morning. I had the honor of interviewing Caroline Whitson, president of Columbia College and the former chair of the commission that studied transportation needs in Richland County a couple of years back. Now, Dr. Whitson is helping lead the effort to pass the penny sales tax referendum on Nov. 2, and that was the topic of our conversation at our studio at ADCO.

That interview will appear sometime early next week. My next show will likely be with Steve Benjamin. Actually, we had set up the studio for him — he was originally scheduled for noon yesterday, and Jay had set up the studio for a single camera (Dick Cavett style), instead of the two-camera approach we used with erstwhile Benjamin opponent Steve Morrison. That was to cut down on editing time, since we wanted to have it up today, on the new mayor’s 100th day in office.

But the mayor had to cancel at the last minute yesterday (which actually kind of worked out great for me, as I had the cable guy at my house doing something that I had thought would be relatively simple, but ended up taking more than seven hours), so we’re going to try again next week.

I’ve begun negotiations with some other guests. I spoke with Joe Wilson the other day and he said he’d be “honored” to appear, and I have a request in to the Rob Miller campaign as well. There should be other programs related to the November election. After that, I hope to branch out a bit. For instance, the Shop Tart has indicated her willingness to grace us with her presence, and I hope to grill her about how to sell ads, since she’s so infuriatingly good at it. (Speaking of the Tart — next week I’m going to write her another guest spot on current politics, so watch for that as well.)

After Caroline left, Jay and Gene and I got to chatting about doing some “radio” versions of the show. This would allow us to do more of them, since we could do them over the phone and not have to coordinate schedules with guests. But that’s preliminary. We’ll see. In the meantime, we need to work the bugs out of our studio. For instance, this morning I turned we turned the thermostat way down to keep Caroline and me from roasting under the lights. Afterwards, as I was talking with Jan and Gene, I noticed poor Julia huddled in a blanket, leaning toward her Mac for warmth.

So there are adjustments we’ll have to make. But first, we have to get the first installment of the revived show up. Watch for it next week.

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  1. Anne

    I am so looking forward to being on the Brad Show. Should be just as much fun as being on Drinking in the Morning with Aaron and Grant, though I think the two experiences will be very different.

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