Another stand-alone governor? Let’s hope not

Photo by Gerry Melendez/The State

In the newspaper biz, a “stand-alone” is a picture that has no story with it. I’m still looking back at Tuesday night, and pondering a photo that embodies another sense of “stand-alone”…

As we were waiting… and waiting, and waiting… for Nikki Haley’s victory speech that night, someone in the WIS studio wondered aloud why Henry McMaster was the one killing time at the podium (actually, he was introducing her, but we didn’t realize that at first). Well, who else would it have been? said I. He was the only member of the GOP establishment to have embraced her — her only primary opponent to play a positive, prominent role in her campaign. That’s Henry; he’s Old School. If it’s his party’s nominee, he’s behind her, 100 percent.

So who else would introduce her?

And then I thought no more about it. My mind turned to how low-energy and off-key her subsequent speech was. (Something Cindi Scoppe apparently disagrees with, since she wrote, “She made a good start with her victory speech.“)

It was only when I looked at the photos later (and these photos are from The State, where you can find both a Nikki victory gallery and a Sheheen concession gallery) that I thought about the extreme contrast. There was Vincent, with a broad array of people loyally, warmly supporter him in his hour of defeat — while aside from Henry, Nikki stood alone (I’m not counting family; both candidates had that).

First the delay. Then she comes out alone, without political allies, then she delivers that less-than-enthusiastic speech. What was going on?

I don’t know, but I hope it doesn’t stay like this. We’ve had 8 years of a stand-alone governor, and a governor standing alone can’t accomplish anything in this state, for good or for ill.

We’d all be better off if more people were willing to stand with our governor. Of course, it would help if she acted like she wanted them to. And that’s the thing, isn’t it? The sort of person with whom more people are willing to stand, and who is willing to stand with more people, is the sort of person that, well, more people want to stand with. That made me dizzy. Let me read it again — yep, that’s what I meant to say…

Photo by C. Aluka Berry/The State

14 thoughts on “Another stand-alone governor? Let’s hope not

  1. Doug Ross

    Hard to have a bunch of good ol’ boys when a woman infiltrates the party.

    She did what the rest of them could never do – win a statewide election. You think Bobby Harrell or Leatherman could win (assuming they wanted to give up all their power)? They like working their “magic” in the backrooms of the State House instead of out in front of the people.

  2. Martha Still

    You are right! The difference in the two pictures is striking. And the energy at Vincent Sheheen’s party stayed, even though it became more subdued as it became apparent that Nikki Haley would become our next Governor. As an ardent supporter of Vincent Sheheen, I’ve been very sad the last couple of days, but also I’m looking toward the future, because I’m sure Vincent will not give up the fight for our state and our children!!!

  3. jfx

    Oh, Doug? You mean like Haley attempted to work her “magic” in those closed-door, secret-handshake, no-media-allowed meetings with jittery business leaders during the campaign?

    Meanwhile, did anybody notice, in the Haley picture posted above, the printing error on the banner hanging behind her? Specifically, it looks like a word was accidentally omitted.

    And that word is “Bowel”.

    Thanks for coming out tonight, folks, I’ll be here all week!

  4. Joanne

    Interesting that the newspaper and TV took a different view of her speech. Sounded in their views like it was a pep rally.

    Yours sounds more probable.

  5. Barry

    The background in Haley’s picture looks like the party was held at some old Shriners Club somewhere.

    It is just me? But the post election events I saw on tv had Haley’s husband looking like a “tag along” friend. On the news coverage at the BBQ place in Lexington yesterday, he looked like someone trying to get close enough to get her autograph. I felt sorry for him. (Don’t you know he’s had some pointed questions for her over the past few months?) I bet he’s had a tough time.

    I’ll give him credit though, he is smiling in the pictuer above and looks fine.

  6. Nick Nielsen

    I think the difference between the two is that Haley’s campaign was about her. Sheheen’s campaign was about South Carolina.

  7. Andrew

    Gresham Barrett, some GOP county chairs, and former chairs of the state party were at Jim DeMint’s party in Greenville Tuesday night.

    Definitely a different crowd there compared to the Haley rally.

  8. marconi

    Marvelous observation Brad,

    The Sheheen pics were really quite compelling and truly poignant, for both them and for the state.

    Wonder what’ll be like to be on the barter system?

  9. Kathryn Braun Fenner (Mrs. Stephen A.)

    Well, then yarrrr, that leaves more room for me. An awesome assemblage.

  10. Affect1

    All I would say is Wow!!! The enthusiasm of people in Sheheen’s speech is exemplary. I watched this video before and watched again today…

    Sheheen is a dream and a real delight!!!

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