It’s later than you think — 2012 is upon us

Doug Ross observed today, back here:

Let’s not forget that the actual campaigning for 2012 will begin in approximately 10-12 months. The election may be two years away but the jockeying for position will begin much sooner…

To which I responded:

Actually, Doug, it’s a lot worse than you say. The SC primary itself is only 14 months away. The campaigning has begun already, but it will become fairly obvious and public starting early in the New Year.

Almost immediately after the 2002 election (when Mark Sanford was elected) — I mean, like a week or two later — Howard Dean contacted us wanting to come in and talk about his candidacy in the 2004 Democratic primary. I was like “Howard Who?” and “He wants to talk to us about WHAT?” But I agreed to the meeting. (I used to say yes to a lot of meetings I would have said no to later, as our staff shrank.)

If you go back on my old blog, you’ll see that we started getting into full swing on the 2008 presidential election in late spring of 2007, about the time of the GOP debate here on May 15.

My first interview with Barack Obama was conducted via cell phone in June 2007 (we didn’t get far, as we had connection trouble). As the summer wore on, I wrotemore and more about the campaign. The John Edwards column that everyone remembers appeared in early August 2007 — and it really only appeared that late because I had put off writing it for months. It had started with something I hadwritten on the blog on Feb. 8, 2007.

Bottom line, we’re about to get full-tilt into the 2012 election here in SC…

Sorry to break the news to y’all. But as I told Rotary today 2012 is upon us…

6 thoughts on “It’s later than you think — 2012 is upon us

  1. Herb Brasher

    Oh, help. And I was just getting used to be able to watch something on TV without election stuff. Please don’t disturb my repose. Well, I really should be reading, not watching TV, anyway. I just got into a new biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer; I’ll go back to that. I wish there were way to really connect with people in some kind of way in this culture–one that isn’t pure show and name dropping on the one hand, or compromising one’s own and family security on the other (social networking websites). Where’s the equivalent of the British pub when we need it?

  2. bud

    Where’s the equivalent of the British pub when we need it?

    Try Group Therapy. Haven’t been there in 20 years but back in the day it was quite the cozy little pub.

  3. Kathryn "Blue" Fenner

    The Publick House on Devine Street is a reasonable facsimile of a British pub as is Hunter Gatherer–and not just in decor. There are regulars….

  4. Nick Nielsen

    I’m not generally in favor of violence, but I am so sick of election politics that the first person to come campaigning for the 2012 election may just get a rude greeting {sound of pump-action cycling}…


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