Spurrier: “It’s the first time we’ve ever had a game like this.” No kidding…


A little while ago, feeling like a wise guy, I Tweeted:

Hmmm… 35-0… I don’t want to get carried away with optimism or anything, but it looks like the Gamecocks might win this one… #adco

But mere moments later, the half arrives, and… it’s 56-7.

Fifty-six to seven. At the half.

I find myself wondering — if the second half is like the first… does the scoreboard go that high?

On his way off the field at the half, Steve Spurrier said, “It’s the first time we’ve ever had a game like this.”



10 thoughts on “Spurrier: “It’s the first time we’ve ever had a game like this.” No kidding…

  1. Brad

    I mean, that last play was RIDICULOUS! Stuff like that doesn’t HAPPEN. He HANDED it to him…

    It’s almost like the Cocks have done a deal with the devil down by the Crossroads, a la Robert Johnson…

  2. Luke

    No surprise, no WOW!!!, not impressed at all, what do you expect when Troy sends their intramural team. Games like this do nobody anybody any good, well maybe the players looking to pad their stats. I quit watching after the 1st quarter.

  3. Garby

    The great thing about this win is that they did not come out flat and play “down” to the competition. Atypical of our beloved Gamecocks, I say.

  4. Herb Brasher

    Oh yeah, it does Troy a lot of good, I mean they got $400,000 out of the agreement to be a doormat for an SEC team.

    Brad, since when did you start writing about football? I mean, you acknowledged the SEC East championship win, but you almost sound giddy here, which is not like you when it comes to football.

    Could it be that Brad is beginning to understand American human nature better?

    Will miracles never cease?

    Or is he writing tongue-in-cheek again?

    Stay tuned to the Brad Warthen sports network, a subsidiary of the Unparty Media Network . . . .

  5. Herb Brasher

    P.S. my wife and I got free tickets, so we enjoyed the game as much as anyone; well we both enjoyed the band as much as the game; comes from playing in one, I guess.

    Stayed until the beginning of the second half; we were fried in the sun in the East side, and as Brad wrote, it was already over at half time.

  6. Joanne

    I’m with Garby. Usually we’d be clinging to a touchdown lead going into the fourth praying for a fumble.

    We rocked, and I enjoyed every minute that I stayed….I did need to go see my aunt in the hospital, so I left in the 4th.

  7. Greg Jones

    Joanne, you’re very noble.
    We left in the 4th quarter to go to Jewelry Warehouse to get our free “Beat Clemsaon” t-shirts.
    Plus, it was hot in the upper deck.

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