This is for you, Kathryn: A rerun of Nikki and the neo-Confederates

Kathryn Fenner, apparently in no mood for nuance at this point in the election, complained that I have posted a couple of videos of Nikki Haley that she (Kathryn) believed cast her in a positive light.

Well, perhaps they did, if you are someone who was likely to vote for Nikki anyway, and are immune to the logical arguments  that accompany the clips. Personally, I thought the Wagner background music I put on one of them was a bit heavy-handed, but maybe you have to hit some people over the head with a Blitzkrieg.

So for Kathryn’s sake, and on the off-chance that it might help voters remember just how low Nikki will stoop to win, I rerun the clip of Nikki kowtowing to folks who think the only mistake that the Confederacy made was not winning the war and succeeding in seceding from the Union.

She was seeking the support of a group called “South Carolina Palmetto Patriots,” a group whose 2010 agenda states:

The Federal government has stolen our liberties and rights and nullified our ability to self govern as a state. It is the obligation of all people of our great state to restore unto ourselves and our children these inalienable rights as set forth in The Constitution of the United States of America.

There are more clips at the group’s website.

I have to be careful what I say about this group, because Doug gets on me when I suggest that there may be a racial tinge in the attitude of anyone who claims NOT to be motivated by race. And I don’t want to get in trouble with Doug…

5 thoughts on “This is for you, Kathryn: A rerun of Nikki and the neo-Confederates

  1. Kathryn Braun Fenner (Mrs. Stephen A.)

    [squirm] These made me feel so sorry for her when you first ran them–but then I remembered she was there voluntarily.

    Who are these people, and why will so many of my fellow South Carolinians vote for this stuff?

  2. Joanne

    Based on what you posted, Kathryn, I can’t watch.

    I voted absentee so that I wouldn’t be around Haley supporters.

  3. Doug Ross

    Seriously, Brad, after this election is over, would you expect Nikki Haley to even acknowledge your existence if you happen to be in the same room?

    When does political analysis cross the line over into sour grapes mode?

  4. Mark Stewart


    Sour grapes? You know Brad’s blog provides incisive analysis and commentary or you wouldn’t check in regularly.

    Politics is politics. It’s a game for the thick-skinned.

  5. Barry

    That is a scary video.

    I felt sorry for her in front of those guys.

    I think she’d have agreed that water was dry just to get out of there.


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