“The Brad Show Christmas Special,” with our special guest, the lovely Shop Tart. But without the June Taylor Dancers…

OK, so it’s not really a “Christmas Special” in the circa-1965 variety show sense. If you want that, here’s Mr. Andy Williams. Or if you prefer, Perry Como from 1958.

No, this is just the Tart and me sitting in the studio, chatting about:

  • Her actual secret identity. Actually, she says it’s not that secret.
  • “Shopping locally, as something that everybody can do.”
  • How to ask a clerk for a discount, just for you…
  • Where to take a break from last-minute shopping. (And which shops will be cracking open a bottle of wine in the afternoon.)
  • Why she has all that advertising, and I don’t. (Or at least, you can read that into what you hear.)
  • How she got into doing what she does.

… and more.

Enjoy. And have a Merry…

And if you really want the June Taylor dancers, here you go. But I prefer The Shop Tart.

15 thoughts on ““The Brad Show Christmas Special,” with our special guest, the lovely Shop Tart. But without the June Taylor Dancers…

  1. Brad

    Uh… looking back over this… I was AWFUL. I don’t know what was wrong with me, but I’m looking down, and um-ing and ah-ing more than usual…

    Meanwhile, Anne looks GREAT, and is very easy in front of the camera. She’s a delight as always. Which makes me happy, but sheesh… we should have just edited me out of this entirely.

  2. Doug Ross

    Interesting interview.

    My favorite quote: “I believe in being paid for what you do.”

    That pretty much sums up my philosophy. Do, get paid. Do well, get paid well.

    And it was interesting to hear that companies like Starbucks can provide a quality product at a higher price and offer benefits to its part-time employees. How is that possible?

    Agree on the looking down comment you made. Why not just put your questions or keywords on an easel behind your guest?

  3. Kathryn Fenner (D- SC)

    Wow–you’re right, Doug! I have known her since before she was the Shop Tart, and I never made the connection, but she really does–even IRL!

    Perhaps it is that her extremely lovely hair and elegant fashion sense have distracted me.

    Oh, and she’s hilarious, too!

  4. Doug Ross

    I have this idea of having her do a “point of view” format webcast where she would be sitting in a restaurant, having a conversation with the camera lens about what she’s been buying, where she’s been shopping, etc. Sort of like a cooking show without the cooking.

  5. Anne

    Thank you, Doug and Kathryn!! I love that comparison. I also get Tilda Swinton – another of my favorite actresses – especially her character in the Narnia movies.

    Brad, I had a great time – thank you so much for having me! (And I think you look fantastic – while we were chatting, I was thinking what a good interviewer you were – since you let your guest talk. I have trouble letting mine get a word in! 😛 )

  6. Burl Burlingame

    Put your notes and questions on the wall behind the subject, out of camera shot, so when you’re planning a question you’re looking at your guest instead of the tabletop.

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