A couple of fine-looking fellas at Yesterday’s

For months, I’ve been hearing that there’s another guy, who is also a regular at Yesterday’s, who looks just like me. I’ve heard he’s my Doppelgänger, that the resemblance is uncanny.

I’ve heard this from friends; I’ve even heard it from a couple of my own daughters. Several people who know me well have started talking to this handsome gentleman in the mistaken impression that he IS me, only to realize their mistake a moment after. There have been so many incidents of this, which have gotten back to me, that I was both in a sweat to meet this guy, but also sort of dreading it. You know how it is — people will say you look just like somebody, and then you see that somebody, and you realize that’s how people see me, and then you’re depressed all day.

But faint hearts never solve mysteries, so today, when I got a tip he was there — being hungry, and in the mood for a Yuengling, anyway — I grabbed my camera and went over to Yesterday’s. And accosted him, and introduced myself.

His first name is Donald, and so is mine, but let’s not make too much of that. At some point, a coincidence is no more than that.

I have to say that I don’t think the resemblance is all THAT great. I, for one, would not mistake him for me. I know me when I see me. But there is no doubt that there is a fine, manly strength in his features, which radiate intelligence and excellence of character. So I can understand casual observers making the mistake.

Such as the young woman I had never met who was sitting at the bar as we got out picture taken together. She asked, incredulously, “You mean, they’re NOT brothers?”

17 thoughts on “A couple of fine-looking fellas at Yesterday’s

  1. bud

    My first impression when I saw this photo was, “I didn’t know Brad had a brother”. The resemblance is remarkable.

  2. Brad

    Isn’t it, though? When I first arrived, I looked over and said, “I don’t see anyone at that table who looks like me.” But then he turned his face a certain way and I said, “Oh. I see what you mean.”

    And actually, I do have a brother, who lives in Greenville, but he has his own face; no one mistakes him for me…

  3. Kathryn Fenner (D- SC)

    My brother looks far more like his wife than he does like me.

    If this Donaldganger wore the same glasses as you and had shorter hair, he’d really resemble you….

  4. Donald Griggs


    Re: “..fine, manly strength in his features, which radiate intelligence and excellence of character.” Oh yes, keep ladling it on.

    At Yesterday’s, I was too much of the deer-caught-in-the-headlights to ask, “Are you the NEWSPAPER Brad Warthen?” I’m honored.

    I was just laid off after 25 years with a company — unfortunate similarities.

    As to profiles, I inherited my nose from my mother (though she still has plenty left). You’re just an amateur in that regard; my nose qualifies as an extremity. You should summon your honed knowledge of slander statues when you’re compared to me.

    I think I’m a member of the energy party despite finding myself less energetic at parties lately.

    Ring me up sometime when you want to get a Yuengling (or Doppelganger/Donaldganger draft) and have an extra seat at your table — I’d love to listen and learn.

    Now to get some red glasses,
    Donald G.

  5. bud

    Oprah just had a show about finding her half sister who she did not know about until late 2010. Maybe one of you was switched at birth.

  6. Kathryn Fenner (D- SC)

    @ ted mauro– unless you do that infinity mirror thing, where you look into a mirror that is reflecting another mirror, etc. or reverse a photograph/slide


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