BLOG SHOCKER: Virtual Front Page, Monday, Jan. 24, 2010

So I was thinking, “I need to post something on the blog,” and there was nothing much going on around these parts, far as I could see, and my e-mail IN box, usually good for an item or two on a slow day, didn’t offer much either.

At that point I wondered: “Is there ANYTHING going on, anywhere?” So I looked. And having looked, thought I should do a virtual front — which, after such a long absence, is almost news in itself.

Here’s what I found:

  1. Deadly Blast at Moscow’s Main Airport Seen as Terror Attack (NYT) — Of course, I knew about this one; I’ve been hearing about it all day. What to say? — except, of course, that it’s horrible.
  2. Blue Chips Get Closer to 12000 (WSJ) — The Dow jumps higher than it’s been in 2.5 years. In sorta kinda related news at CRBR, Mike Fitts reports that SC Realtors are seeing some improvement.
  3. Loughner denies Arizona attempted murder charges (BBC) — That’s to say, he pleaded not guilty — to the first three charges.
  4. Emanuel removed from mayoral ballot (WashPost) — By a court. He says he’ll fight on. After all, he gave up a pretty good job to do this…
  5. Jack LaLanne: Founding Father Of Fitness (NPR) — I see he died Sunday, but if it was in the papers this morning, I read right over it. I used to watch this guy’s exercise show in the 60s, people — and he was old to be doing it then. If only I could be in the shape now that he was in at 90…
  6. Argentina woman survives 23-storey hotel fall (BBC) — Just to give you something to talk about.

4 thoughts on “BLOG SHOCKER: Virtual Front Page, Monday, Jan. 24, 2010

  1. Kathryn Fenner (D- SC)

    Jack LaLanne was in today’s obits, above Susannah York (from Tom Jones, etc.) LaLanne’s wife, Elaine LaLanne (rilly!), of 51 years was quoted.

    and in this country, we spell it “story.”

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