I become a five-timer on Pub Politics (no, excuse me — THE five-timer)

Pub Politics Episode 45: Subterranean Night, Part 2 from Wesley Donehue on Vimeo.

Here, finally (not that I’m complaining, Wesley), is the video from my record-setting appearance as the first five-time guest on “Pub Politics.” This episode was taped in front of a sizable and enthusiastic studio audience (with whom you’ll see us interact a bit, even though, alas, you can’t see them) at The Whig last Wednesday night, Feb. 16, 2011.

Here is Wesley’s blurb on the show, or rather this segment of it:

The boys of Pub Politics meet up in the basement bar known in Columbia as The Whig for a subterranean night. Political blogger and former journalist Brad Warthen and WACH Fox news director Bryan Cox jump on for segment 2 to the intersection of the Internet and journalism.

Join Brad Warthen online at bradwarthen.com.

Visit WACH Fox online at midlandsconnect.com.

A HUGE thank you to The Whig for hosting us. Visit them at thewhig.org.

And of course we were talking about this, which is why Bryan and I were there.

12 thoughts on “I become a five-timer on Pub Politics (no, excuse me — THE five-timer)

  1. Ralph Hightower

    I don’t trust what politicians say, particularly what they post on their social media page.

    I don’t Facebook! So Haley is dismissing those South Carolina citizens that are not Haley’s Facebook “friends”.

    I get my news from those that have a budget, ie, the MSM either in print or from the web.

  2. Brad

    The problem, of course — and it’s a problem for us all, not just those of us who’ve been laid off by it — is that those outlets no longer have the budget…

  3. bud

    Ralph, I agree. The Free Times is very impressive given their scarce resources. The State has just using that as an excuse. Good journalism is still possible. I’ll give The State kudos for uncovering the “Appalachian Trail” story but otherwise they disappoint.

  4. Phillip

    I don’t want to pick on the State (other than ownership/management for gutting the paper) too much because I know those who are left are likely being asked to do too much including covering areas for which they are not really qualified, but I tell you one thing: the typos and boo-boos that are showing up regularly now in print, even in headlines, are embarrassing.

    Free Times is getting better and better (and now annihilates the State on arts coverage) but they’re best at digging deeper into a particular corner of an issue: maybe I’m old-fashioned but I think a city needs a “paper of record” to hit all the main stuff, the daily stuff. A weekly obviously can’t do that.

  5. Steven Davis

    10 years ago, I read The State daily and never picked up a Free Times. Today, I’m not a regular reader of Free Times (it’s still the “alternative” newspaper as far as I’m concerned), but I do read it more often than The State. I dropped my subscription to The State several years ago and haven’t missed it.

    And the way television programming is headed (scripted reality shows) I may be dumping that soon as well. There are only so many storage building auctions; weight loss competitions, amateur singing/dancing/entertaining competition; junk car dealers; repo-men; tow truck driver; logging; gun builders; and crab/lobster/tuna fishing shows one person can watch. That’s not even counting the mind boggling, “Win It In A Minute” show that on prime time television… but at least it’s better than Fear Factor.


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