Mary Worth jumps the shark

Just look who is desperately trying to be relevant and up-to-date… Mary Worth, the lamest, least-excusable “comic strip” in newspaper history.

Did you see her jumping the shark Sunday? I’ve meant to mention it ever since…

Mary Worth, fretting about Twitter. What next?

By the way, I don’t mean to mock ACTUAL older folks who are befuddled by new media. And indeed, younger folks getting lost in a virtual world, at a time when their brains are still forming (teens, early 20s) at the expense of their ability to function in the analog one is a legitimate concern.

But I’ve got a long-standing beef with Mary. As a newspaper editor, I have wanted so many times to replace that nothing-happens strip with something decent, perhaps something actually amusing — only to get turned back by Mary’s loyal fans, drat them.

Oh, but just to show I’m not entirely snide, and can show some human concern for a fictitious character, even one who has occupied space that I have wished for decades was better used…

Is Mary about to fall off that stool and break something? Or is the panel just badly drawn, with distorted perspective?

Look out, Mary!

9 thoughts on “Mary Worth jumps the shark

  1. jfx

    The good news is that once Wilbur finally shows her how it works, she can start tweeting her miserably dull thoughts, and there will be no further need for these insipid thought balloons.

  2. bud

    My first thought before I maximized the small cartoon was the scary thought of Mary falling off the stool. If she fell she might not have been able to get up.

  3. Brad

    Funny you should say that, Anne… I was looking up general info on Mary, meaning to try to calculate how old she was, and ran across this reflection on that very same panel:

    “The artist of Mary Worth decided to spend an entire panel focused on the title character’s shapely legs today, and while we can only speculate on the motivation behind that choice, it certainly seems worth a mention on this blog, your #1 site for Mary Worth news. Enjoy, everybody!”

    By the way, Mary came into existence in 1939 as “Apple Mary,” one of those old ladies selling apples in the streets during the Depression. Which doesn’t fit her upper-middle-class pensioner persona of today at all.

    I don’t know how old she was THEN, but if she was, say, 70ish, she’s at least 140 now.

    Funny thing, she was WAY older than she is now, going by appearance, in 1956. Maybe she’s had a lot of work done.

    But while she does seem to have gotten slightly younger (is that the key to long life? excruciating boredom? Dunbar thought so, before they disappeared him…), and maintained her dignity, I’m sorry, but there’s nothing HOT about Mary. Her legs are NOT shapely. They’re just legs, crudely drawn so you can’t see the veins and age spots.

  4. Anne

    So, for an older lady, Mary’s legs are pretty amazing. I do hope she is able to figure out the twitters on the world wide internets in computer land!

  5. Herb Brasher

    I like to scan in and save clippings from the comics pages, more often than not Dilbert, and sometimes even Peanuts or Doonesbury. But never Mary Worth. Never have, never will.

  6. Kathryn Fenner (D- SC)

    Dagwood was a 1920s rich kid, an American Bertie Wooster, and Blondie was a gold-digging flapper. My aunt had the original strips in a series of books. Now Blondie owns a catering business and Dagwood a lawn mower.

    but Mary mos def has good legs for an older lady–not all swollen and thick ankled….

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