Ought to be the shortest show EVER…

Had to smile when I saw this Tweet from Teow0nna Clifton:

Teowonna Clifton

@ThatTeowonnaTeowonna Clifton
Diversity in the Governor’s Cabinet Pt.2 on OnPointX will air 02/15.http://tobtr.com/s/1549521#BlogTalkRadio

First thought: Diversity in the governor’s Cabinet? There’s so little of that that I’m surprised you could get one show out of it, much less two

Script for the show:

— Hi, we’re here to talk about diversity in the Haley administration.

— OK, let’s do. What ABOUT diversity in the Haley administration?

— Well, the governor herself is Indian-American?

— And?

— And she named one black nominee to her Cabinet. But that nominee withdrew. So she named another black nominee to take her place.

— And?

— And that’s the end of our show! Thanks for being with us…

Dang. Wish I’d had that a little earlier, for Health and Happiness

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