Which Super Bowl ads are worth watching on Monday morning?

Since I’m now a Mad Man, some of the conversation at the start of this morning’s traffic meeting was about the Super Bowl ads. I missed part of the exchange on account of going down the hall to get more coffee, but I also felt a bit left out since, well, I didn’t see watch the whole game. In fact, all I did was record part of it (I didn’t think to activate the DVR until long after it started), and occasionally flip back to it in hopes of catching a commercial.

Despite the fact that I have been watching some football since I got HDTV, there was no hope of my having any emotional involvement in this one. The Steelers mean nothing to me, and Green Bay — well, they were my team’s (Johnny Unitas’ Baltimore Colts) nemesis back when I cared about such things, but with Bart Starr gone, well, what’s the point? I couldn’t even get interested in cheering for their opponents.

But the ads — well, I found Super Bowl ads interesting even before I became a Mad Man.

Not having seen them all, though, I felt unqualified to say anything about which was the best, or anything like that. I was able to chime in when someone mentioned the beaver one (below). That was awesome. I called my wife into the room and replayed it for her.

So, since I don’t have time to sit here this morning and watch all of these… which did you think was the best, and why? What should I go find and watch? What would be worth my time? Or rather, ADCO’s time, since that’s what I’d be using…

13 thoughts on “Which Super Bowl ads are worth watching on Monday morning?

  1. bud

    The Doritos ad with the Pug was also very good. And it only cost $500 to make!

    The Budweiser ad with the dog sitter was good. Seems like a pattern here (at least for me). Animals make for great advertising.

    Hated the Chrysler ad. It was waaay to serious. That was the worst of the ads.

  2. Rachel

    The Darth Vader ad seems to be getting a lot of buzz this morning. It was one of my favorites. The Snickers ad was cool just because we’ve all wanted to knock down Roseanne Barr at one time, haven’t we? The Car Max “I Feel Like…” commercial was very clever.

    From a South Carolina perspective, the BMW ad was really cool! I did a double-take when I heard the guy say “Spartanburg” and it even used clips of the local HS football team. Awesome!

  3. Lynn

    All of the ads were boring and lame. Too much frat boy humor…why was it necessary to assault the guys this year, from the Pepsi can in crotch to kicks in the crotch/butt. Not funny, cute, or entertaining.

  4. Norm Ivey

    I liked the Bud Light “Hack Job” (kitchen remodel). Among my all-time favorites is the Bud Light “Rock Paper Scissors” ad from a few years ago.

  5. Doug T

    Hey bud,

    I LOVED the Chrysler ad. But then again. I’m a Mopar guy anyway.

    The Automotive blurbs I get throughout the day all gave that ad kudos.

  6. Phillip

    Overall I thought this was a lackluster year for the ads; however, and here I have to disagree with Bud, the Chrysler ad really got my attention, but then I have a really soft spot in my heart for the that is Detroit. I liked its almost combative attitude. Ending up at the Fox Theatre was icing on the cake.

  7. Libb

    Darth Vader ad gets my vote too.

    Also saw in the State that the USC class agreed and gave it the Cocky Award.

  8. Nick Nielsen

    I liked the Pepsi ejection cooler myself. Not so much because the guy took one in the meat and veg, but because I’m a tech geek and that cooler is just neat.

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