Who would do that, who was not being PAID to do it?

I guess the answer to my question is, Nick McLaughlin would:


National and New Hampshire Leaders Named
ST. CHARLES, MO. — Decorated Iraq War veteran Nick McLaughlin of St. Charles, Missouri, has announced the formation of a grass-roots, all volunteer organization to draft New York developer Donald J. Trump for the 2012 Republican Presidential Nomination.
McLaughlin saw combat in three tours in Iraq in the US Marine Corp and was hit by shrapnel from a car bomb in Ubush, Iraq. He was awarded a Purple Heart and nine other medals including a Presidential citation.

“Under Barak Obama, America has become a laughingstock around the world,” said McLaughlin. “America needs a strong leader like Donald Trump to restore America’s economic strength and respect around the world.”

McLaughlin, who has never been active in politics before, said he had filed the committee with the Federal Election Commission and that the organization was not directed, authorized or funded by Trump. “I have never met Mr. Trump,” said McLaughlin, “But I am certain he is the man America needs.”…

Volunteer? Really? Who would actually want Donald Trump to be president of the United States, and want it bad enough to spend time and energy trying to make it happen, except for someone who was being paid to do it?

This is a question to which I do not have an answer.

I’m not doubting the guy’s word; I just don’t understand his motivations.

11 thoughts on “Who would do that, who was not being PAID to do it?

  1. Rachel

    “Who would actually want Donald Trump to be president of the United States, and want it bad enough to spend time and energy trying to make it happen…”

    How about someone who thinks a private-sector success story might make a good president? How about someone who has personally calculated that the best way to not elect yet another stiff generic politician is to get behins a high-profile kazillionaire who can go up against the typical party structures? How about someone who just likes Donald Trump and obviously has a different opinion of him than you do?

    Attacking a Purple Heart recipient for just expressing his political beliefs? As the sorority girls (and apparently you too) say, “Really?” Really? C’mon, that’s some weak sauce, Brad.

  2. bud

    The GOP has quite the unseemly bunch of characters to choose from for it’s POTUS nominee next year. We have a half-term governor, a former governor of a liberal state whose primary accomplishment (healthcare) is something he seems to regret. Then there’s a southern governor who seems to endorse the license plate featuring the founding father of the KKK. There’s a former Georgia congressman famous for attempting to shut the government down. Then we have an assortment of Tea Party clowns who seem mostly focused on embarrasing Obama with charges of being a Kenyan born Muslim. It should be fun.

  3. Lynn

    Bad combovers need a presidential candidate to represent them, too. The Donald for Prez!
    You’re Fired! what a bumper sticker

  4. tjc27

    He will hosting a new reality show to pick a super-hot first lady.

    Seriously, this is just stuff to keep his brand going. It will be worth about 4 or 5 good press conferences (Is he running? Did he say so or just hint so?)

    I think most of those who run are doing the same, ever since Pat Buchanan. It made him a hotter ticket on shout-fests. Sells books, keeps their names out there.

    Hell, Running for President IS now a reality show.

  5. bud

    I think tjc27 is on to something. We could call the show “Presidential Island” or “POTUS Idol”. Have the various candidates perform various embarrasing tasks like a contest to see who can kiss the most babies in 90 seconds or who can make the most promises during an episode. Candidates would be voted off by a combination of the other candidates, a panel of judges and the viewers. The episode loser would be uncerimoniously ushered off stage to spend more time with his family.

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