Never fear, our gov is on the job

Not sure what to make of our governor appearing on Season 5, Episode 2 of “Army Wives” last night, except to say that she certainly stays busy, writing memoirs, pestering the president about health care, appearing on TV shows, and… probably other highly relevant governing-South Carolina stuff, too, but I just can’t keep up.

No word yet (unless I just missed it) on what this appearance means in terms of the governor’s position on this actual state issue:

The show’s producers say it contributed more than $120 million to the local economy when they threatened last year to move production elsewhere if economic incentives for filmmakers were not renewed by state lawmakers.

No, wait — there’s this from Politico:

Though Biden’s “Army Wives” cameo came and went last August without controversy, Haley’s appearance is causing some buzz. As a South Carolina state rep, Haley voted against taxpayer-funded incentives for the film industry. Incentives were put into place in 2005, and since “Army Wives” began filming in the Palmetto State, the show has contributed more than $120 million to the local economy, according to producers.

Despite then-Gov. Mark Sanford’s veto, which Haley supported, South Carolina lawmakers voted in June to keep the film incentives program intact.

Still, according to Haley spokesman Rob Godfrey, the governor was happy to appear on the show. He told the AP, “The governor absolutely enjoyed the opportunity—any chance to showcase our great state and highlight military families is a reason to get excited.”

OK, so I still don’t know where she stands on the incentives — now. Perhaps that will be forthcoming…

No, hold on… it looks like The Post and Courier approached this as an actual news story, and had the following:

Haley’s Press Secretary Rob Godfrey said the governor was happy to make the appearance. She was not paid for the cameo, which was filmed in Charleston on Jan. 7 before she was sworn in as governor.

“The governor absolutely enjoyed the opportunity to appear on Army Wives — as she would any chance to showcase our great state and highlight our military families on national television,” Godfrey said in an e-mail. “The governor has said she will do whatever she can to showcase the great things going on in our state, especially those things that aren’t and shouldn’t be on the public dime.

“As is the case in any economic development situation, the governor will always look at film incentives from a cost-benefit perspective. If incentives going forward cost the state more than they bring in — as they have in the past — then she won’t support them.”

Phil Bailey, spokesman for the Senate Democratic Caucus, said Haley’s appearance on the show is an example of her “hypocrisy.”

“She votes against the economic incentive package to keep this show here in South Carolina — which is a vote against the show — but then she makes an appearance on the show,” Bailey said. “It’s obviously only an attempt to increase her own celebrity.”

Yep, that’s the Phil Bailey from Pub Politics. I mean, that’s what’s important, right — our media profiles? Oh, I saw her on TV; I think I’ll vote for her…

No word as yet on whether Phil Bailey will appear on “Army Wives,” but I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

19 thoughts on “Never fear, our gov is on the job

  1. Joanne

    She just defended her appearance on TV just now on two fronts:

    1. Publicity for SC, which is ludicrous and probably redundant.

    2. Support for Army Wives all over…Really?

    She is truly a master of rationalization.

  2. Brad

    Yeah, Steven, I had forgotten about Tricky Dick on “Laugh-In.” We tend to think Bill Clinton started it all, with the saxophone and the “boxers or briefs” thing…

    I wonder what that conversation was like when his campaign people talked Nixon into doing that…

  3. Kathryn Fenner (D- SC)

    Nixon got hammered by Kennedy because Nixon wasn’t “with it” and video-friendly. This was a calculated move on his part to improve his image. I think this is not such a great move for Haley’s political positions–she’s plenty video-friendly, but she gets another ding for the hypocrisy, which is already her bugaboo–hence the legitimate concern with her alleged affairs….

  4. Steven Davis

    I don’t understand the backlash. She did this prior to being sworn in as governor. Was there this much backlash when McConnell had his bit part in the Hunley movie? If Knotts wanted to play Hillbilly #3 in Deliverance 2 would he be raked over the coals? These people have lives outside of politics too. Or is this just another thing for the Sheheen followers to complain about.

  5. Steven Davis

    Did anyone in the Republic of Kalifornia complain when Schwarzenegger took a day off to film “The Expendables” last year?

    Just wondering if this is a local complaint or a nation-wide thing.

  6. Karen McLeod

    Kathryn, Gov. Haley’s hypocrisy is well known in this state, but I haven’t seen it receive a lot of attention nationally. And I don’t think she’s planning on hanging around locally any longer than she has to.

  7. Kathryn Fenner (D- SC)

    Yeah, Karen–maybe she’ll pull a Palin. This would leave us with the apparently ethically challenged Ken Ard, though.

  8. Lynn T

    Mr. Davis, I strongly suspect that if Jake Knotts played HIllbilly #3 in a remake of Deliverance, yes, people would make unflattering comments. The unflattering comments happen because the appearance in question has an ironic relationship with the person’s political positions.

  9. Steve Gordy

    Anyone taking bets on whether our guv will stick with her current position as long as Sarah P. stayed as governor of Alaska?

  10. Brad

    Wow, that WAS… sort of weird. Such an emotional defense of her boss (the nice lady who got her the $174,000 a year job).

    Not the sort of very PERSONAL passion in favor of a politician that one usually sees from the rather staid position of head of B&C Board…

  11. Joanne

    And now she’s replaced Darla Moore on the USC Board with a white male.

    Guess she felt some sort of competition…..

  12. Tim

    She isn’t a very good writer for being a lawyer, and doesn’t seem to make a cogent argument… Also, not a plus for a lawyer.

    And ending your missive with a parenthetical sentence? Brad, as a newsman, what would happen to you if you did that?

    And not including your title, since you are already alluding to it?

    Dadgum weird.

  13. Brad

    First, Tim, isn’t there something a bit oxmoronic in a phrase containing both “good writer” and “being a lawyer”?

    Just kidding. Many of my friends are lawyers. Quite a few clients, too — so scratch that. And some of them write quite well, I’ll have you know.

    So I won’t perpetuate an unfair stereotype. After all, an academic recently tried to compliment me by saying that I write surprisingly well. Someone else interjected, “He’s a journalist….” The academic responded, yeah, that’s what she had meant…

    But as for taking her to task for ending with a parenthetical — I can say nothing negative about that. I dig parentheticals. You might even say they are my own particular… idiom, sweet Concorde

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