Update on protests from our man in Bahrain

This was today...

First we hear from our Hawaii correspondent on the day’s biggest story, now the Mideast. In all my years in the MSM, I never had such a far-flung “staff” as this.

This is from my same correspondent — an executive with an American company doing business over there — who contributed this earlier report from his high-rise apartment point of view.

Here’s his update:

Thought you might like to see the latest on the protest and demonstrations around my building . The protest photo was around 2:00AM this morning and the march into the Pearl Square below me is happening as we speak.  Notice in the black are all women , numbering in the thousands now. Also notice at the top of the photo the main road is now covered by protesters.

You can clearly see the ladies in their black robes if you click on the image and zoom in; I intentionally left the files large so you could do that.

More as I have it.

... and this was last night.

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  1. Brad

    Let me know if those big files cause problems with your browser. Mine’s hesitating a bit.

    But it’s just so cool to be able to zoom in on ’em…

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