Your Virtual Front Page, Monday, March 14, 2011

Here’s what we have at this hour:

  1. Emergency Workers Struggle to Cool Reactor at Japanese Nuclear Plant (NYT) — The continuing suspense, as the earthquake continues to shake Japan and the world.
  2. Over Half a Million in Temporary Shelters (WSJ) — Wow. I saw that picture this morning of devastation on the front of The State, and I thought, perhaps irrelevantly, “I’m glad I can say that this time, WE didn’t do that…”
  3. Gadhafi’s Push Adds Urgency to Global Plan (WSJ) — The rebels are in more and more trouble. And what ARE we supposed to say to the Arab League asking us for a “no-fly” zone? Lebanon says they’ll even write the resolution
  4. Leaders Of The Libyan Opposition Emerge (NPR) — Hillary Clinton says she’ll meet with them. That is, I suppose, assuming they’re still around when she gets over that way.
  5. Gulf states send forces to Bahrain following protests (NYT) — Is it just me, or is this getting WAY more ominous — Saudi Arabia intervening at the behest of the Bahrain regime?
  6. 19 chambers to unveil regional coalition (CRBR) — Which could have quite an impact on ecodevo in the Midlands, going forward.

Sorry, I couldn’t quite fit the gov’s appearance on “Army Wives” onto my front. Also, I was afraid that if I did, y’all might get whiplash or something from the sudden drop-off in seriousness from the world news…

One thought on “Your Virtual Front Page, Monday, March 14, 2011

  1. bud

    Five of the 6 stories are international. This really is a busy and scary time in the world. With mine disasters, oil spills and now nuclear catastrophe to deal with it seems like our energy future should focus heavily on using less. Too bad most of leaders only give lip service to conservation.

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