Virtual Front Page, Thursday, March 10, 2011

Each day, I’m failing to leave myself enough time on this, but I’m determined to do it, even if it’s sketchy:

  1. Qaddafi Forces Take Back Strategic Town From Rebels (NYT) — Folks, this is not going well. Anybody up for doing something about it? Anyone?
  2. West Takes Tougher Stance on Libya (NYT) At least, the French do: “The French government took the strongest steps of any Western nation to support the opposition…” Anybody feel the world flip over just then, sudden-like?
  3. Nato ‘kills Hamid Karzai cousin’ (BBC) — Not good. Karzai was already pretty ticked about civilian casualties, which anyone would be. Now this.
  4. Wisconsin Assembly Approves Union Bill (WSJ) — For those of you following that thing, which is some other state’s business and not ours. Fine by me, to the extent that I have an opinion.
  5. Hearings offer drama, little substance (WashPost) — A House hearing on the radicalization of American Muslims offered a few facts and a surplus of political theater Thursday, as legislators from both parties argued about Islam, terrorism – and the wisdom of the hearing itself.” Kind of what you expected, right?
  6. Lawmaker proposes report card for Haley ( — Hey, a single lawmaker merely proposing such a thing isn’t big news, and the report is sketchy, but it brought a smile, so I include it for the mix. (Something else that made me smile — the report calls the governor “Nikki Haley, R-Lexington,” a Freudian slip that shows my friends back in the MSM haven’t totally gotten over thinking of her as a back-bench sophomore House member, which she so recently was.)

5 thoughts on “Virtual Front Page, Thursday, March 10, 2011

  1. Steven Davis

    If Karzai complains too much, maybe he’ll be next. That’s one way to shut him up.

    No mention of the Marine who jumped on the grenade… again.

  2. Brad

    Ignoring Steven’s first comment, and reacting to the second:

    Yes, that was a compelling and inspiring story on the Marine. That’s why I commented on it on Twitter early Thursday morning, as soon as I saw it in the paper that morning.

    That would have been a great thing for my Wednesday front had I known about it. But by the time I posted Thursday’s virtual page, it was well over 24 hours old, so I needed to go with the current stuff.

  3. bud

    Isn’t Burl in Hawaii? Hope he’s not at risk from the Tsunami. Seems like a major catastrophe is unfolding in Japan.

  4. Brad

    For news, and a place to comment, on the quake, go here.

    I’ve asked Burl for some commentary when he gets time — although he could conceivably still be asleep now (unless work called to wake him). It’s 4:58 a.m. there…

    I don’t know what kinds of alarm systems they have there for waking residents when this sort of thing happens. Maybe Burl can enlighten us on that…

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