Gamecock scores major Darla Moore scoop

Or perhaps, rather than Gamecock, I should say, The Daily Sudoku & Crossword.

The students at “Ray Tanner University” had a bit of fun with this one, and really did a pretty good job — with the headlines, anyway (I just picked this up a few minutes ago, and haven’t had time to critique the text). The biggest laugh, of course, is “Darla buys Governor’s mansion,” but for those of more sophisticated tastes, the “1.0 GPA? 750 SAT? You’re in!” speaks to the main issue involved in Nikki Haley’s quest to replace anyone trying to elevate standards at the university.

And yes, it’s like this throughout this special April 1 edition.


2 thoughts on “Gamecock scores major Darla Moore scoop

  1. Steven Davis

    Actually the column on the right is factual. If your tuition check clears, you’re admitted. USC has turned into a diploma mill. Those who work there know it, and those at other institution will tell you that’s the reputation the school has.

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