Hey, what gives? I took that picture!

Someone has started one of those fake Twitter feeds that trashes the person in question, and this morning I was looking at it, and thought Hey, I shot that picture! What gives?

It looks like someone did what I did back on this post, and grabbed a screenshot from this video I shot at the Stephen Colbert champagne brunch atop the Meridian building in October 2007.

This happens a lot. Because of all the people I’ve interviewed over the years — especially since I went digital in 2005 (before that, I was still using my Nikon 8008, being a film snob — now, I feel guilty because I’ve abandoned it, beautiful implement that it is) and started shooting pictures in ALL interviews, for the blog — when you search for SC newsmakers on Google Images, you tend to get pictures by me. Note, for instance, that the very first image that comes up when you search for “Harpootlian” is one of mine.

But hey, shoot your own dang pictures. Or pay be some royalties. Come on — I know you’ve only got 25 followers, but show some respect. I need to wet my beak. Or at least give a guy a little credit……

3 thoughts on “Hey, what gives? I took that picture!

  1. Brad

    Yes, that’s right. Just kinda joshing around, folks.

    And, you know, sort of subliminally bragging about how stuff I shot comes up first on Google…

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